Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000 Dollars

Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000 Dollars 1

Taylor 214ce 200 Series Acoustic Guitar

Grand Auditorium
Sitka Spruce
Layered Koa
Venetian Cutaway
Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000 Dollars 2
Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000 Dollars 3

Takamine TC132SC Classical Nylon String Acoustic

Solid rosewood back
Rosewood fretboard
Gold tuners
Cool Tube preamp
Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000 Dollars 2
Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000 Dollars 5

Guild GAD F-130R Orchestra Size Acoustic Guitar

Ivoroid binding
Solid spruce top
Solid rosewood back and sides
Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000 Dollars 2
Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000 Dollars 7

Blueridge BR-163CE Historic Series Cutaway Acoustic-Electric 000 Guitar

000 body style
Rosewood fingerboard
Dalmatian tortoise pickguard
Adjustable truss rod
Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000 Dollars 2
Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000 Dollars 9

Paul Reed Smith Guitars A15AL SE Angelus Alex Lifeson Model Acoustic Guitar

Bone nut and saddle
Hardshell case
Shallower body
PRS undersaddle pickup system
Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000 Dollars 2

Are you a budding musician with a tight budget in dire need of a good acoustic guitar? Well not to worry, if you search properly, you can avail some of the best acoustic guitar under 1000$.

Best Acoustic Guitar under 1000

With the music industry brimming with new talents and extensive competition, it’s no shock how popular an acoustic guitar is amongst both new and old musicians.But finding the best picks under 1000$ can be taxing indeed. Hence, to compress your search and help you save valuable time, this article brings to you the best Pocket-friendly acoustic guitars you can opt for.

However, first things first, if you’re a beginner then let’s start by revising your guitar vocabulary.

  • Headstock- The head of the guitar comes in various sizes and has turners attached.
  • Turning pegs- The knobs on the stings at the head of the instrument.
  • Neck- the portion between the body and the nut.
  • Fingerboard/Fret board- The metal stripes between the neck is the fingerboard.
  • Nut- It consists of tiny grooves to monitor the strings up the tuner, and is the start of the fret board.
  • Bridge- The attachment that supports the strings from one end of the headstock to another.
  • Body- The primary portion of the guitar. Acoustic guitars generally have hollow bodies.
  • Pick- A piece of plastic, usually triangular used to pluck strings.
  • Gig bag- The protective case of the guitar is portable and lightweight.


Now, that the basics have been covered, let’s talk about the pointers to keep in mind before purchasing an acoustic guitar.

Points to consider before buying an acoustic guitar

  1. Firstly, before buying your instrument get a clear access of your budget. Decide on the amount you’re willing to pay and plan accordingly.
  2. Try buying a Guitar with a laminated top rather than a wooden one. Laminated models come cheaper and are glossier.
  3. Be aware of your skill level. If you’re a pro by nature you’ll have an idea of what to buy already. However, for beginners the best range to consider from is $700-$1000. You can even go online and type search acoustic guitar under 1000 reviews to get some more insight. Apart from that, you should choose a reputed brand and compare reviews before deciding.

Now, without further ado, let’s get down to business. To help you end you’re hunt here are some of the best acoustic guitar under 1000, you can choose from.

1. Taylor 214ce 200 Series

The instrument is a straightforward traditional acoustic with body made of Venetian top wood and layered with a rosewood bracing pattern. The body of work is attractive with a 6.0 top gloss finish and smooth satin back with side orientation of 5.0.

Taylor 214ce 200 Series

The shape is a double neck with a profile nut width around 1 11/16”. The fingerboard is made up of original African Ebony wood. For strummers and aggressive players, this model can be ideal for rough and tough use. So even if it’s pricey, you must not mind it because this offers durability and a strong sound.

2. Takamine TC132SC Classical

Made, from solid rosewood, this is one of the most popular picks that are shown if you search Acoustic guitar under 1000 reviews. The kit comes with Takamine Hard Case, metal foot stool, a GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth,ChromaCast 4 Pick Sampler and a universal folding guitar stand.

Takamine TC132SC Classical

If you’re into jazz and Latin this model produces a wide range of dynamic tones. The neck sports a dual action tuss rod that results in the guitar being playable in any condition.

Moreover, this model also features a CTP -3 cool tube preamp system to help maintain low voltage tube tone. Avail this beauty under 950$, kitbag and case inclusive of price.

3. Guild GAD F-130R Orchestra Size

If you’re looking for a well-balanced instrument with a fuller sound with perfect balance and articulation, then this is the model for you. Ideal for strumming or finger picking or Capo, this model is an all-natural acoustic and to sum it up here are its salient points:

Guild GAD F-130R Orchestra Size

  • Top made of solid spruce
  • Back and sides are comprised of solid Indian Redwood
  • Fingerboard and neck are both Indian Rosewood
  • Orchestral size with a hard case

Avail this one under 900$.

4. Blueridge BR-163CE Historic Series

Presenting the very versatile BlueridgeSeries, another popular choice if you’re looking for the best acoustic guitar under 1000 dollars. Designed with a vintage touch this model produces crisp brassy notes and is ideal if you’re choice of music is the blues.

Some of its features include:

Blueridge BR-163CE Historic Series

  • The head is made of solid Sitka Spruce to give out a clean and crisp tone.
  • The back and sides are original Indian rosewood hence, bass is deep with a strong power cutting ability.
  • The body of art is vintage and beautiful with tortoise style pickgaurd and snowflake position markers.
  • It comes with a Fishman Presys blend pickup system that works well in both basement and stage.
  • Lastly, the neck is composed of slim mahogany which helps to maintain durability.

This model is under 850 $ and is one of the most popularly sold models with more than a 100 satisfied customers.


5. Paul Reed Smith model Acoustic guitar

This exotic model comes with a comparatively thinner body conditioned to produce crisp warm notes and is ideal for playing both blues and jazz music. The body consists of a rosewood fret board, with both sides and back crafted by Dao wood. The kit comes with a 5 1/2″ Cutaway with PRS SE Tuners.

5. Paul Reed Smith model Acoustic guitar

PRS X-Brace/Classical Hybrid Design and has a scale length of 25.35″ and a hard case. This model is recommended especially if you’re a beginner.

Therefore, you can pick out the best acoustic guitar depending on your skills and preference. Best thing to do is compare, make a list and select a model which is popular amongst the masses. So invest wisely and don’t forget to choose a reputed brand for best results. Good luck with finding your pick!



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