Go through Pros and Cons of Gaming Laptops and Desktops before Buying

Among the gamers around the world, the biggest debate which takes place is whether a gaming laptop or a desktop is better. To understand the difference between the two one would require knowing all the pros as well as cons for understanding the difference clearly between the two. Going through this article will help one understand which is more suitable for him/her.

gaming laptop

First, let’s take a look at the gaming laptops.

Benefits of Gaming Laptops

When it comes to gaming laptops, one needs to go through advantages in detail.

1. Speed

The most important essence of a gaming laptop is the speed which no other laptops can compete with and sometimes it even surpasses gaming desktops. A gaming laptop always sports a fast processor. Using excellent gaming laptops mean no chance of processing slowly or getting stuck.

2. Size of a laptop

People use gaming laptops for its size and lightweight which makes it convenient for carrying around. Even when going for a long trip, carrying these are easy as they fit easily in the backpack.

3. Long-Lasting In-built Battery

A huge selling point when it comes to gaming laptops is that one can play games even if power supply gets cut. With the help of powerful in-built battery, one can at least be able to complete the stage and save it properly before switching it off.

Disadvantages of Laptop

  • Expensive

The major issue of gaming laptops is its price. These laptops always cost high because of the features it offers along with portability option.

  • No Upgrades

The major drawback is the limitation to the upgrading possibility. When an individual buys a new laptop, he/she have the best hardware, but as time passes, new models are available with better function. Then an individual is stuck with an older version as it is non-upgradeable.

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Now, let’s glance at Gaming Desktops

Pros of Gaming Computers

gaming laptop

1. Cost of desktops

This is one of the biggest selling points of gaming desktops. They are much cheaper than the gaming laptops. It is easy to find a cheap gaming desktop which will work same as a gaming laptop. So, if on a tight budget, this is the way to go.

2. Easily Upgradeable

This is another great reason for people preferring it over laptops. From time to time as technology changes, people using gaming desktops can upgrade their system without any hassle.

3. Powerful GPU

Though gaming laptops have powerful GPU, it will be slower than desktops. Moreover, one can cram more power into a desktop over time.

Cons of Gaming Desktops

1. Not Comfortable for Long Gaming Hours

Everyone knows PC is not portable and hence, often makes it uncomfortable after long gaming hours. With a laptop one can play be in any position and corner of the house. Even one can carry it to a friend’s place and play using LAN. However, all these facilities are not available when using a desktop.

2. Power Consumption

Large components of the computer consume a substantial amount of power. CPU, monitors, speakers all require distinct power input which uses more power than gaming laptops.

You can go through the benefits as well as disadvantages of both the units and decide for yourself which is more suitable to your need.