What Is Tumbler Cups Made Of?

Tumblers that have become indispensable in every house hold has its story ever since it was produced in the city of Gus-Khrustalny in 1943.The purpose of such cups are many. People use it for holding cold drinks, hot drinks, cocktails, iced tea, juices etc. The initial tumbler was all made up of a Collins glass with a wide shallow bowl without a stem. Over the years there has been a change in its design and comfortable usage.

Tumbler Cups

The recent versions of the tumbler

The body of the tumbler

Some tumblers are made up of glass, plastic and stainless steel too. Plastic and stainless steel form the outer cup while glass and stainless steel form the inner cups.

More recently the use of acrylic tumblers has remained beneficial amongst the children and party crowd. Its non-breakable nature and stylish colors have made it prudent in every home. Acrylic is a plastic that uses one or several derivatives of acrylic acid.  As per the look of the cup varying from transparent to translucent to opaque, the acrylic polymer grades are used.  An ideal acrylic tumbler will be BPA(bisphenol A) free as that makes the tumblers to go yellowish.

The inner liner of the tumbler

Owing to the demand of tumblers to keeps its beverages in its original temperatures, the need of insulated tumblers have arrived. The double walled insulation is designed to keep the inner liners of the tumblers fused together. The insulation is done by inserting a liner inside the outer shell and creating a layer of air between them. It is due to the double walled insulation technique that helps the beverages to keep it hot or cold for long.

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Therefore when the tumbler cups are foam packed, they are excellent to hold cold drinks while those vacuum packed, they are good to hold liquids that should be kept hot.

The lid of the tumbler

The want of travel nature of carrying it to sip on the way, the lid of the tumbler was essential. This helped the beverage to keep in its original temperature and prevented from spilling. They are made up of BPA-free polypropylene and have a removable silicone gasket. The splash resistant press-fit lid is dishwasher safe.

Tumbler Cups

Wrap Up

If after rigorous quality control procedures and inspections that finished goods come to the market. Most of them are dishwasher safe unless mentioned otherwise. The tumbler cups thus serve a variety of purpose of holding every kind of liquid in it.