Are Mini Tumbler Cups Good For You? Find Out Now!

Mini tumblers are considered to be one useful item that one may have in their possession. In simple terms they are small sized cups which can be used by persons who want hassle-free travel cups or even those seeking low maintenance affordable utensils. Used for serving and consuming a variety of beverages these items are made of different materials.

Tumbler Cups

In different cases, various forms of tumblers are optedfor. Not just in outdoor situations, they are used to serve drinks indoors as well. The basic utility of these items is that they are mostly hassle-free. But a debate suggests that these items may not be good for persons to use.

Mini tumbler materials

Tumblers are usually found in a wide variety of materials. Depending on personal choice or budgets these varieties can be explored and obtained. Primary tumblers are in three major types:

  • Plastic –

This material is perhaps the cheapest of the varieties. They are also light and easy to carry from one place to another. This item is perfect for children since there are no chances of breaking.

  • Glass –

Such tumblers are usually for adults and could be optimum to decorate homes. Differently carved glass tumblers or unique colored glasses could brighten homes and be a sophisticated item to present drinks to guests.

  • Stainless steel –

This is the best option of the lot, especially in current times. Popularity of it has grown because it offers two things to users – safety and durability.

Mini Tumblers – Question of safety

Now, a debate has arisen where it is deemed that some materials of tumblers have chances of containing chemicals or being more prone to germs. These allegations have been made against plastic mini tumblers. Though it is true that some varieties of plastics might contain chemicals this can be avoided simply by opting for good quality plastic items.

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Also for purpose of use around children and preventing breakage easily glass tumblers are avoided by most. Selective use of beautifully decorated tumblers only when adult guests come over and keeping it out of view and reach of children solves the issue.

Tumbler Cups

However, if you are looking for the easiest way out choosing the stainless steel tumblers is ideal. Not only are they beautiful to present to guests, but free of chemicals found in plastic. Their light weight nature, durability and unbreakable features make it an ideal choice for individuals of all ages.