Know The Qualities Of A Good Xlr Cable – Be Aware, Be Smart

As a professional artist, we often invest huge money in our equipment and systems. It is to ensure that our performances are not hampered due to any system malfunctioning.

Xlr Cable

We often find stage artists performing live who face issues of microphones or speakers making squeaky noises. That can be a huge factor for failure.

XLR cables

These cables have a circular in with three pins. They help in delivering balanced signals when connected to balanced devices at the end. When connected to microphones, they ensure to block any intrusion and unwanted noise. Thus all they provide is the transmission of sound without any intervention.

These cables are a boon for all musicians and stage performers.

Money vs quality

As mentioned earlier we often find ourselves investing huge bucks over cables. However, half of the time we end up in losses; especially when they give up before their expected life.

Thus buying cheap or expensive cables are no assurances to their quality or durability. What one needs to know are the descriptions and characteristic features.

Features of an XLR cable

One can find numerous varieties of cables in the market. Not every layperson knows what an XLR cable is. However, most of us come across the same in our day-to-day life. Certain features of an XLR cable are enumerated below-

  • Copper strands-

The strands help in providing durability. Thus, more the strands- better is its durability. However, it increases its overall cost.

  • Connector conductivity-

One of the features of a good cable is its conductivity. Often people coat different metals viz. gold or silver to increase its electrical conductivity.

  • Twists and lay-

More the twists of the conductors, shorter is the lay and more flexible is the cable. The flexibility thushelps in noise cancellation. However, this leads to using more wires, thus increasing its overall cost.

  • Oxygen-free copper-

Used in cables defines the quality of sound transmitted over the range.

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Apart from the features mentioned above, one should be cautious while investing their bucks over a good quality cable. Surely there are countless varieties one can find. However, looking for the best is still a challenge.

Xlr Cable

Factors to be considered

  • Best price to quality ratio

  • Lengthof cable-

Usually XLR cables are long. However, too long cables are only an invitation to unwanted noise. Thus, to avoid risk, one should look for a cable that is long enough, approximately under 30 feet. Longer than that can cause potential interference.

  • Shielding-

Among different types of shielding, copper shielding the best, regarding flexibility. Low-Z shield and trip grip variety are quite reliable.

  • Cable core-

Another considered factor is its core. Thicker the core, better is its performance.

  • Oxygen-free cables-

As mentioned earlier in this article, oxygen-free copper is the best form. The presence of oxygen is contentious thus affecting its performance.

Among other factors, one can look for low noise cables, brand, rubber gourmet on its end,and gold plated contacts in the description. Rated customer reviews are also a great help.