Can Tumbler Cups Hold Hot Drinks?

For long the debate over using tumbler cups have been on. While some argue its best used for cold drinks, many say it is perfect to hold hot drinks. The question over the tumbler cups capability on holding hot drinks can be studied further.

Tumbler Cups

What is a tumbler?

Tumbler is a short wide glass/ metal that has no stem or a handle to hold (ideally). It has a round bottom with a conical wall that rises upwards towards the rim. The modern world looks in for a tumbler that is spill resistance, has stability, comfort while drinking, easy to open, durable, washing easiness and maintenance and moreover the heat and cold resistant part of it and has a handle to hold it.

The tumbler cups keeping drinks hot

Heat needs a medium to travel through. If the tumbler is a metal, heat is surely to travel well as metals conduct heat. But if there is an insulating material between the outer layer of the tumbler and the inner cup liner, the situation is different.

Stainless steel tumblers with lids are great options to hold hot drinks. The insulation of such tumblers is excellent. They help to keep the drink at its original temperature for reasonable hours. Moreover, the lid that is tightly placed helps to keep the drinks hot.

A rubber grip pad keeps the tumbler from slippery and spilling of the drink and the leakage. Tumblers that have acrylic preserve the freshness of the flavour of the beverage for a longer duration of time. It thus helps in keeping the drink in its original temperature too.

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What keeps the tumbler hot?

It is the double walled or thermal insulation that keeps the beverage in its original state. Therefore, if the milk was stored in cold temperature, the tumbler shall keep it cold and if it was hot, it shall hold hot for hours.

Tumbler Cups

The thick insulation layer which is light weight reduces the amount of condensation that is formed outside the cup and instead insulates the contents to keep hot or cold the drinks at its temperature.

Final thoughts

If one had to choose a tumbler that could hold hot beverages for hours, there must be certain things on the checklist such as, checking on the vacuum insulated technology. This technology prevents any kind of air to pass through or out of the tumbler cup. Look in for auto-seal lid. The auto-seal lid will not only help in keeping the beverage from spilling but also reduces any leaks and air passage. Thus, tumblers can surely hold the hot drinks for good time frame.