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Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder

Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 1

First Nature 3091 16-Ounce Hummingbird Flower Feeder

easiest feeder on the market
accommodate several hummer's at a time
16-Ounce Flower Feeder
Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 2
Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 3

More Birds Hummingbird Feeder

Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 2
Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 5

More Birds 76IN Ounce Nectar Capacity Hummingbird Feeder

Large capacity
beautiful intricate design
Easy to clean
Wide bottle opening
Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 2
Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 7

BOLITE 18005 Hummingbird Feeder

Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 2
Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 9

First Nature 3055 32-ounce Hummingbird Feeder

Ten ports
s-hook and round perch design
Wide-mouth reservior
accommodate several hummer's at a time
Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 2

Hummingbird feeders are considered to be one of the best tools to feed these beautiful birds. Originally made of glass and ornamented with scented flowers, Hummingbirds are attracted to the natural and refreshing environment, probably due to the sweet nectar smell. Feeding hummingbirds is a good idea to pioneer a relationship between birds and humans. It is a brilliant solution to organize and design your own hummingbird feeder, in case you are planning to induce creativity. 

Other than that, training to feed the hummingbirds can be done with the help of the best hummingbird feeder. These are available in various shapes and sizes with unique designs. The food can be naturally kept inside the feeder for the birds to feed on them. The feeder can be installed either at your home balcony or in your garden areas. 

Factors to consider when buying the best hummingbird feeder

If you care for these little creatures, shopping for the best hummingbird feeder needs delicate attention. You do not want to mess up with the overall quality of the product, as it actively promotes the attraction of these birds. With increased competition and efforts from other brands, various varieties of the feeder are for sale in the market. Hence, some of the factors that determine the characteristics of hummingbird feeders are as follows:

  • Overall material quality-

One of the basic factors that bring to light the importance of the hummingbird feeder is its material quality. Manufacturing procedures in creating the feeder is highly crucial. Whether it is plastic or glass, there should be an overwhelming influence on the feeder. Sometimes, the feeder is made of red-colored glass, as hummingbirds are typically attracted to this color. However, in addition to the raw material used the texture and longevity matter as well. 

In case of strong winds, you do want the feeder to rip apart and fall. This further puts to doubt and questions the longevity of the product. Hence, for any kind of feeder that suits your taste, and attracts your attention, make a choice on the material used. 

  • Size and design-

Hummingbirds are small creatures, ready to surprise you with their sweet chirping. When feeding these adorable birds, you want the environment to be extremely natural. Therefore, when buying the best hummingbird feeder, keep an eye on the size and design. If the feeder is of an awkward shape, the birds might be a little too scared at first.

The size matters, as the bigger the better. Larger feeders can hold more food, eventually attracting more birds. Try to keep the external appearance of the feeder ‘’all-natural’’, as it helps the birds to suit the environment. The presence of a natural scent further creates a fascinating signal for the birds to approach the feeder.

  • What is the type of feeder available-

When comparing some of the newly released models with the traditional ones, there are two types of hummingbird feeders present. The most basic type is the dish one, which is generally flat. The food can be directly kept on the feeder, for the birds to come and feed on it. Although there is no separate water section present in the feeder, you can keep a bowl beside the feeder as well. 

On the other hand, the latest one, which is in the shape of a bottle, is more popular. The bottle functions through a suction force, more so like a vacuum cleaner. The food is inserted in the bottle, which is then sucked out by the hummingbird. In other words, the bottle is preferred by buyers these days because of its easy maintenance. Further, the bottle avoids spillage of the food and naturally helps in feeding the birds. Also, the bottle design impresses the hummingbird the most, as it implies a sort of brain game for the bird to find its own way of getting the food. 

  • The capacity of the feeder-

When buying the best hummingbird feeder, special emphasis should be given on the capacity too. Too small a feeder can lead to excessive encroachment. There should be enough space for the birds to sit, along with food holding capacity. Here, it is good to buy a big feeder, as it can hold more food and serve a greater number of birds. 

  • Budget-

Buying a hummingbird feeder also depends on the price range you are comfortable with. The dominance of too many feeder models in the market also leaves an effect on the price tag. Having a budget provides special relief to buyers, as they exactly know what they are looking for. The features, size, and capacity also vary with the price. Buying a feeder within a budget provides ultimate satisfaction too. 

Now that all the major specifications and characteristics of the hummingbird feeder are listed for you, the most wanted feeder models are as follows.

Listing the top hummingbird feeders for buyers

1. First Nature hummingbird flower feeder

One of the most attractive hummingbird feeder models that will leave the buyers impressed is from the brand titled ‘’First Nature’’. With an easy to refill structure, this product comes in more than one bright color, which helps in attracting the hummingbirds to your door. The mouth of the feeder is large enough to accommodate enough hummingbirds at one single point of time. 

Best Hummingbird Feeder


  • The base is easy to open. There is a two-way process available that helps in filling the food to the top.
  • The hummer can sit comfortably on the feeder, without any discomfort.
  • The price range of this feeder is inexpensive, helping buyers to take a shot at this product.
  • Proportions of the nectar can be managed in the jar directly!

Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 11

2. More Birds Vintage Hummingbird feeder

For a more classic option on the best hummingbird feeder, the model by ‘’More Birds’’ sets the right feeding feature for these little birds. The exterior of this feeder resembles the old vintage models, as it is made of 100% durable glass. The product is not only easy to manage but is extremely light-weighted too. In terms of the feeding capacity, five extra ports are present, thereby attracting enough hummers to the scene. 

Best Hummingbird Feeder


  • The capacity of filling nectar into the feeder is around 20ounces. 
  • The design is highly sophisticated and gives it the desired antique look. This feeder also adds to the beauty of your home too. 
  • This best hummingbird feeder can accommodate enough food for the hummers to feed upon. 
  • Cleaning and maintaining the feeder is easy. However, hand-wash is recommended only.

Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 11

3. More Birds Red Jewel Hummingbird feeder

One of the most impressive and best hummingbird feeder models is none other than the ‘’More Birds red jewel’’. As remarkable as it sounds, this product has a larger capacity and delicately fits into the aesthetics of every home. You will definitely find the hummers attracted to this model, as it is strikingly red in color, with a glossy exterior and matte base.


Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 13Features:

  • The most attractive piece of this feeder is its red-colored model, which brings all the hummers to the feeding spot.
  • It can hold 20ouncs of nectar. Refill opportunities are also present within the feeder.
  • The design of the feeder creates a traditional vibe.
  • In terms of the price range, this feeder should definitely be on your buying list.
  • The overall multiple segments of the feeder, capable of attracting the hummers, define its true nature.

Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 11

4. Bolite Hummingbird feeder

With accessibility to more hummingbird feeder models, every buyer can look into the specifications offered by the Bolite feeder. Suitable for hanging at your own home, or in your garden, this feeder has a capacity to hold 22 ounces of nectar. If you are not aware of how to attract more hummingbirds, then this feeder will gladly work its trick. The shape of this feeder is in the form of a flower that creates the natural environment for the birds. 

Best Hummingbird Feeder


  • This is surely one of the best hummingbird feeder models, due to its copper finishing. The plastic base and glass exterior both unite to form a desirable feeder for the birds. 
  • The hummingbirds easily fall prey to this feeder, because of its matte red color.
  • This feeder can be cleaned without causing trouble.
  • External support of all sorts is available from the delivery team, who can assist you with any difficulty with the feeder. Exchange options are present if the feeder is broken.

Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 11

5. First Nature Hummingbird feeder

Buyers who are looking for a simple, yet sophisticated hummingbird feeder models, then this product should certainly be your choice. Considered as ideal for hummers, as well as other wild birds, there are 10 feeding ports available for the birds to feed on the food. The two parts of the feeder strike the buyer because it helps in easy cleaning of the product.

Best Hummingbird Feeder


  • The significance of this best hummingbird feeder lies in its overall design and capacity. The presence of 10 ports is an excellent solution for more birds to come to this feeding spot.
  • The feeder is large enough to hold enough food, as several hummers accommodate the area at one time.
  • In terms of cleaning, normal soap wash is recommended.
  • The price of this feeder is surely within the budget of most buyers!

Your Guide to buying the best hummingbird feeder 11

It is definitely a great idea to invest in buying the best hummingbird feeder, as it fulfills your long-term purpose of feeding the birds. Plus, a good quality feeder helps to provide a progressive experience and delivers excellent service throughout. Buyers can simply analyze the potential of the hummingbird feeder, based on its overall weight too. Therefore, it is extremely important to check all facts of the feeder, before you buy one. Hummingbirds naturally flock to areas where they find food. Therefore, the place should produce a calm vibe for the birds to rest and eat. 

Points to see when buying the best hummingbird feeder

Hummingbird feeder makes it easy for a person to feed the hummingbird. One should always invest in a good feeder as it makes the process of the eating easy for the bird. Following are the points to note while buying one.

  • The first thing to look for while buying the best hummingbird feeder is the material of it. It could be either made up of plastic or of glass.
  • Another thing to look in a hummingbird feeder is the type of feeder it is. There are basically two types of feeders. One is in the form of dish and another one is in the form of a bottle. One can choose accordingly.
  • Third thing to look in a hummingbird feeder is the size and capacity of the nectar. You should not think that the bigger size is the best and should select according to your wish.

If you have decided and want to feed humming bird, then you should invest in a good feeder and the best hummingbird feeder is the one that has the above qualities.

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  • Where should I Buy the hummingbird feeder from?

A lot of hummingbird feeder models have dominated the online, as well as the offline markets. It depends on the accessibility of the buyer, in terms of shopping for the perfect feeder. Plus, when buying the product, special emphasis must be on its characteristics, along with the overall price. Some comparisons can be done, in order to buy the ideal feeder

  • Do I need to assemble my feeder?

Hummingbird feeders mostly come readymade. None of its parts needs to be operated at any point in time. No further assembly of parts is required in the cylindrical or bottle-shaped design too. However, when hanging the feeder, the string can be elongated or shortened, as per convenience.

  • Will I receive any buying warranty with the hummingbird feeder?

Getting a warranty with a product like a hummingbird feeder is not always possible. However, in case the product has been delivered in a damaged state to you, necessary altercations and replacement are done by the brand itself for free. No special charges apply in such a situation. 

  • What is the washing instruction of the hummingbird feeder?

Since the hummingbird feeder is a delicate object, you have to take good care of the product. It is necessary to open the bottom of the feeder first and wash it with soap water. Excessive scrubbing of the base is not mandatory. However, cleaning the feeder daily is a good idea. In case you fail to do it, alternate day cleaning is recommended. 

  • How to infuse a natural sweet smell in the feeder?

The best hummingbird feeder can be infused with a natural scent, by attaching flowers to it. In addition to it, artificial scent can be kept near to the feeder, which will automatically attract the birds. 

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