5 Best Electronic Drum Kit Sets That You Must Check!


Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit

Useful beginner practice kit
With pedal, stool and sticks
Decent drum sound
Best selling drum set

Pyle Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit


Alesis Strike Pro Kit | Eleven-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Kit

Full-color LCD screen
All new sound
Sampling capability
Individual outputs

Portable Electronic Drum Kit

Compact and Foldable Design
Extend Function
Rechargeable with USB Micro Jack
Include recording function

RockJam Portable Electronic Roll up Drum Kit

Realistic expression
Non-electric drum kit
Output for headphones
Necessary Accessories included

Planning to take up music classes? Well, how about taking a stride in a different direction and choosing drumming instead? With the best electronic drum kit available all over online retail outlets, you can surely choose out one that suits all your requirements and start off – albeit at a tender age!

However, choosing a drum kit is no joke! With aplenty options in the market, one is bound to be swayed by the number of stars that a particular product receives online. The strategy no doubt is an authentic one, however, scroll down to find some specific features which one must keep in mind before choosing a drum set.

  • Drum ply: Do check out if there are 9 layers to it. This will help to improve the sound quality.
  • Kick drum v/s Bass drum: The kick drum specifically starts off with a kick pedal. A bass drum is suitable for playing in the orchestra or music bands.
  • Drummer’s key: This is used for tuning the drums and setting it according to one’s priorities.

Are you better equipped to purchase a new set now? Scroll down to check out the electronic drum kit reviews of the top 5 products before sealing the deal.

List of the best electronic drum kit:

1. Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit

What you need to see: The blue drum that has the perfectly durable finish and can give any other drum set a run for their money. This has shells made of real wood while the crash cymbal varies within 1-10 inches. Being fully stocked as a drum set which has made it to the bestseller list of electronic drum kit reviews, this kit has a high gloss finish with a range of colours to its fold.

Easily rated 9.5/10, this kit has the following features:

  • Double tom toms with supporting stands
  • Singular bass drum pedal, drum key, hi hat cymbals, snare drums and mounted cymbal with stand
  • Comes in colours as – pink, red, blue, black and green

Verdict: If you are looking for a toy set that will surely make your kid learn minus the stress factor, this is the drum kit you must gift him or her.

2. Pyle Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit

What makes this drum kit special? Undoubtedly among the best electronic drum kit, this in contrast to its contemporaries has a lot to offer to its users. Whether you use drumsticks or simply start off with your hands, you will need to connect it to the computer with a USB MIFI connection and constantly upload your music.

Since this follows the specific 7 drum pad route, naturally the sound quality is very high and the roll-up design enhances the drumming effect and quality. Also, with the pre-loaded songs, one can record one’s own pieces and constantly better it at every step.

The USB plug in operations and the digitalised foot pedal controllers make it compatible both with PC and MacBook. Just have a look at the electronic drum kit reviews before you finalise one.

3. Alesis Strike Pro Kit

What this set has to offer? Had some notions about electronic drums? Shatter those now! Touted as one of the best electronic drum kit available in current times, this combines the feeling of acoustic drums and versatility of electronic ones. The large bell area that is available enhances the playability levels with the adjustment knobs and mesh heads allowing the correct bounce in the music.

There is a specific software editor to customise the kit and the wood shell with sizes as: snare 14 inches, toms 8-14 inches, kick 14 inches delivers incredible drumming experience.

Premium features: It has a 4.3 inches colour LED screen.

It also allows MIDI/USB connectivity along with SD card storage facility keeping in mind professional requirements of this product.

4. OLEY Digital Foldable Roll-Up Drum Pad Set

What makes this set so unique? Encouraged by the range of realistic drum kits, here comes a set which has an external speaker combined with USB MIDI jack. The silicon product with its special waterproof facility comes with crash and ride cymbals, snare and foot pedals.

Also, this is the only drum set which can be connected with phone to play drum games with no further connection required with speakers. Clearly, this can easily make it to the list of the best electronic drum kit sets.

5. RockJam Portable Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit

Why a portable set as this is so important? Unlike its counterparts, this portability factor lends a whole new dimension to this drum kit (practicing on the go). Making its presence felt amidst the top electronic drum kit reviews, here are certain specific factors associated which you cannot miss out!

Coming with the perfect 9 drum pads and 2cymbal pads, this provides a realistic expression, ensuring that one can create a variety of sounds. Also, the pedals that come with this skit enhances the kick drum and hi hat conditions.

USP:The user can connect it to the computer via USB port and record the pieces that he or she composes.

Now, with some of these best electronic drum kit sets available in the market, rest assured that the musician in you will have no regrets! List down your demands and choose out an ideal one!





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