Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today

Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 1

HP 15-F222WM 15.6" Touch Screen Laptop

N3540 Quad-Core processor
Turbo Technology
On/off button
5 hours battery life
Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 2
Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 3

Acer Aspire ES 15, 15.6" HD, Intel Core i3-6100U

4GB DDR3L Memory
Backlit Display
Up to 6.5-hours Battery Life
Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 2
Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 5

Dell Inspiron i3541-2001BLK 15.6-Inch Laptop

400RPM Hard Drive
AMD Radeon R4
11b/g/n Wireless
Weights 5.85 lb
Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 2
Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 7

Lenovo B50-45 59441913 15.6-Inch Laptop

400RPM Hard Drive
HD 720p Camera
4 Cell Battery 32WH
Up to 5 hours battery life
Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 2
Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 9

HP 15.6-inch Laptop PC, AMD Quad-Core APU 2.0GHz Processor

500 GB 5400 rpm SATA
Microphone combo
Weighs 4.74 lbs
Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 2

The gaming industry has improved it game in the last 20 years. Impressively, the industry is standing bravely at $40 billion every year.

Now, that’s a lot of cash to take in. It’s not really surprising though, games have become a big thing. In fact, it’s more than just a pastime to do for people.

A300 Dollar Gaming PC

These days there are kids who are earning heaps of cash due to tournaments and winning in bets. In any case, it doesn’t mean everyone has the money to invest in their very own gaming PC right away.

But since we wanted you to have fun despite having a low-budget for a gaming machine, we have scouted the internet.

This would be a perfect list for someone who has just started their passion for gaming. Or if you’re a casual gamer. This isn’t for someone who want to play and go big.

Just to give you a head’s up though, I also created an article about gaming pc under 400. So be sure to check that one out. Maybe you want to have more of an upgrade for your gaming PC.

In any case, the laptops below won’t give you the best experience. But it should let you play the golden oldies. Although it can only be played at medium settings.

Gaming PC Reviews

HP 15-F222WM 15.6-inch

This is one of the best affordable laptops to get in the market today. Ideally, this can either be used at your home or for your office tasks. This has an Intel Pentium N3540 processor, which makes Skype and browsing on the web easy for this model.  Also, this comes in with 4GB RAM to give it a boost.

300 Dollar Gaming PC

The hard drive is about 500GB, so its storage space is fairly decent. But since it isn’t one of the higher classes, apps might take time to buffer.

Good news is that the hard drive is upgradable to an SSD. As for its gaming capabilities, it isn’t much. But you can enjoy a game of Warcraft 3 or Age of Empires 2. As expected, it’s great for casual gaming.

Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 11

Acer Aspire ES1-572-31KW 15.6-inch

Let’s look at Acer’s product for a change. Don’t get your hopes up, this isn’t any high-performing gaming laptop you would love to get. However, it doesn’t mean it can’t give you an enjoyable experience.

300 Dollar Gaming PC

For instance, if you’re into playing the classics, then this is pretty sweet. We can give the credits to its Intel HD Graphics 520. As a special treat, it lets you play the undying, popular games to date.

I’m talking about Diablo III and Counter Strike: GO. Although they won’t be played in high graphic settings (because that would be a miracle.) But it can let you have a good time in its medium graphic settings.

Overwatch is also a choice for you. As a matter of fact, there’s a portion of Overwatch players which utilizes integrated graphics.  So yeah, you can use this gem for an awesome fast-paced shooter game.

There will be no playing of Battlefield 1 or Fallout 4, it’s an absolute terrible idea. This is more for the peeps who aren’t into pro gaming.

Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 11

Dell Inspiron i3541-2001BLK 15.6-inch

Right out of the box, you can see that it doesn’t have a sharp look. If anything, it looks kind of outdated.  This isn’t some lean mean pc gaming machine. But considering the price you’re paying for, this the ultimate bang for your buck PC.

300 Dollar Gaming PC

This has an AMD 2.4 GHz Quad-Core A6-6310 APU. With that being said, your daily tasks can be done with the use of this laptop. These tasks are your typical browsing, streaming, and using Skype.

However, this isn’t fit for any multitasking jobs. As for the games, it’s able to load newer games like Metal Gear Solid V. But it’ll be on its lowest settings. Other games like Civilisation, Batman: Arkham Origins is also playable as well.

Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 11

Lenovo B50-45 15.6-inch

This lets you enjoy a Quad-Core AMD A6 APU. Lenovo has it at 4GB RAM, which is a pretty decent number. This lets you do your daily computing tasks without any problems. At the same time, it runs at 1.8GHz.

300 Dollar Gaming PC

Let’s all appreciate its AMD Radeon R4 GPU. This lets you play the golden oldies. There are newer games which are playable, but the graphical settings are set to low.

The keyboard isn’t this model’s strongest feature. It’s made out of plastic and feel cheap. Also, it doesn’t give off a sturdy vibe. Overall, it’s an average laptop for casual gamers.

Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 11

Recommended Product

HP 15-BA009DX 15.6-inch

Kicking it off with the last – and the best – PC on our list. This comes in with a friendly alternative for casual gamers who are tight on cash. Now, this is an ideal product for the lovers of the classic titles.

300 Dollar Gaming PC

This isn’t just any other random laptop, it doesn’t use Intel Celeron or Pentium processors. Instead, this baby has an AMD Quad-Core A6-7310 processor. If you’re going to compare it with the other laptops on the market, this has a higher Intel.

You might not be impressed. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Although it won’t win any recognitions, this laptop allows you to play Warcraft III, Age of Empires II and Command & Conquer Generals. At the same time, Counterstrike is also made possible as well!

Purchasing A300 Dollar Gaming PC Today 11

Wrapping It Up

Will a 300 dollar gamming PC would do? Apparently so. But you can’t expect something which sells at a very low price to work perfectly. It won’t let you play the latest games on your 300 dollar gaming PC.

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