What Type Of Foot Massager Should Be Bought?

Foot massage will bring utmost satisfaction and relaxation for you. It will charge not only your body but also your soul.

foot massager

Benefits of foot massage:

Foot massage mainly relief pain in joints, muscles etc but it has other benefits too.

  • Recover joint pains
  • Calf, upper leg and feet pain relief
  • Remove stiffness and increase flexibility in muscles
  • Repair muscle damage
  • Improve blood circulation in entire body
  • Enhance skin sensation
  • Balance range of motion in diabetic patients
  • Works for muscle strain
  • Treat injuries in ankle feet etc
  • Release toxins
  • Reduce anxiety depression
  • Combat edema during pregnancy

So whether doctors recommend or not using foot massage in regular basis is smart choice. Expect going for traditional therapy foot massager will help you to save money, time and give you utmost relaxation at home.

Techniques and functions involve in foot massager:

  • Scientists were able to incorporate some traditional techniques like kneading, vibration, water treatment, pressure, tapping etc into foot massagers. Using those techniques scientist develops some functions.
  • Ball bearing system with vibration stimulates tissue relaxation. By increasing speed heat also increases in this technique this is knows as Shiatsu function. Many foot massager machine build with this function. It helps to remove pain, anxiety relaxation of muscle and tissue, works on nerve cells etc. it also removes menstruation pain.
  • Heating function has applied almost all foot massager machines. This is very effective technique for repairing cell damage, increasing blood circulation. It helps runner to remove strain.
  • Air compression of heat compression involves the technique of pressure and reflexology. By applying forceful pressure around your leg and feet helps to rejuvenate skin and remove chronic pain. Some massager also have regulator to regulate pressure and pressure points. It also removes strain.
  • Incorporating infrared function in foot massagers helps in penetrate into deeper cells. So it is easy to treat inner muscle pain or joint pains it can be easily combined with other massage techniques.
  • Using water in foot massager is beneficiary. Techniques required vibration, bubbling, jets in hydrotherapy. It treats injuries, strain, pain in muscles and cells. It also treats swollen or sore feet.
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foot massager

Need of a foot massager:

In some medical condition like diabetes, neurological pain, arthritis, gout, swollen, during pregnancy, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis etc doctors recommend foot massager. In that case they will also suggest what type of massager you need according to health condition.

But some people also look for general relaxation. In that case you must understand the techniques that you required. For example you want vibration and water therapy then look for the machine which provides both.

What to buy?

Choosing a foot massager always depends on your needs, requirements and budgets. There are products which are electrical or works on battery. Make sure that you buy the product which uses less electricity.

If you don’t want any electrical device then buy wooden foot massagers. This may not provide an automated relaxation but it saves your electric bill.  It is budget friendly, portable and reliable. This type of massager involves mostly only one common technique like acupressure. And combination of techniques is rare.

So buy a device which gives you full relaxation.