Check Out System Requirements for Smooth Gaming Experience before Playing Fortnite

Want to play Fortnite in the best gaming laptop?” If the answer is yes, then one should keep in mind the requirements this game needs for smooth functioning in a notebook PC. In this article, two system requirements are below; one shows the minimum hardware required to play this game and the other shows which games all over the world prefer.

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To play this game in a best gaming laptop or desktop one would require the following configuration for a smooth gaming experience.

The minimum requirement of an individual’s system to play this game is below.

Minimum System Requirement

1. CPU

CPU of the system has to have a Corei3 processor so that there is no lag while playing the game. Moreover, the clock speeds at 2.4GHz make processing faster for adequate gaming experience.

2. RAM

At least a gamer would require 4GB RAM so that one can experience the realism when playing a game as well as it can boost the computer’s basic everyday function.

1. Operating System

One can play this game when using Windows operating system. The computer must have at least, 64-bit Windows 7.

2. Video Card

The minimum graphics card required for one to play this game is Intel HD4000 which offers high quality video when playing this online game.

Recommended Requirement of a System

To play this game without any glitch or lag, one would require the following hardware for a remarkable gaming experience.

1. CPU

Having a powerful processor is the ideal way of enjoying this game. So, having a Corei5 model processor serves this purpose which goes up to clock speed of 2.8GHz.

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2. RAM

Though one can play this game with just 4GB RAM, having 8GB DDR4 RAM, will enhance the playing experience. Along with a fast processor, no lag is guaranteed. Fortnite players even prefer having to 8GB RAM for better functioning.

3. Operating System

One can play this game in 64-bit Windows 7, 8, and 10 as well. Most gamers use the Windows operating system for better access to various features of the game.

1. Graphics Card

Though one can play it with a low-level graphics card like Intel HD4000, expert Fortnite players recommend using AMD Radeon HD 7870 or NVIDIA GTX 660. However, any other video card which is equivalent to DX11 GPU will function smoothly.

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Apart from all these configurations, one would also require a fast internet connection for playing online with friends.

However, before jumping on to buy the desktop or laptop with the above configuration; know a little about the game.

Fortnite is a survival game which is created in a sandbox style where character limitations are minimal and also the gamer is allowed to roam freely and change the virtual world when one requires. The primary aim of the game is to build an empty homeland which was destroyed by an evil character called ‘The Storm.’

So, if anyone wants to play this game and have great gaming experience, he/she should opt for the recommended hardware in this article along with a fast and stable internet connection.