5 Best Torch Lighters

5 Best Torch Lighters 1

Scorch Torch Butane Torch Lighter

Triple Jet Flame Lighter
adjustable flame control feature
sizes raging from 0.95" x 0.75" x 3.15"
1-year manufacturer warranty
5 Best Torch Lighters 2
5 Best Torch Lighters 3

Jo Tesla Coil Lighters Usb Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

USB Rechargeable
sleek and elegant design
Economical and environmentally friendly
BONUS heat-resistant placemat
5 Best Torch Lighters 2
5 Best Torch Lighters 5

Torch Cigar Lighter 2 Pack Triple Jet Flame

️Butane Refillable
3 Jet Flame Cigar Lighter
️Windproof & Strong Flame
5 Best Torch Lighters 2
5 Best Torch Lighters 7

Luxury Single Hand All Adjustable Power Butane Blow Torch

Flame Height Adjustable
Super Powerful Flame and Large Flame Base
Red Flame
1-year manufacturer warranty
5 Best Torch Lighters 2
5 Best Torch Lighters 9

Electric Lighter Plasma Windproof Arc Lighter

7 seconds automatic power
60 day guarantee
5 Best Torch Lighters 2

The effectiveness of a torch lighter in making everyday household tasks easy has been severely undermined over time. While it is true that torch lighters are popularly used by smokers, you’ll find that having one around for the sake of it will make an interestingly convenient addition to your household. You can generally use the best torch lighter to set up a fire or cook or host a barbeque etc. Moreover, a good torch lighter can also cover the intricacies involved in the seemingly simple (it really is not that easy) process of lighting cigars in a way that loosens the tobacco and leaves no off-flavors. 

The best torch lighter can make for a valuable possession to have, and if you want to find out more about this small yet appreciable device, light one up because we’re going to get high up on the list of the top torch lighters in the market!


The best cigar sessions happen under the workings of the best torch lighter. So here are a couple of factors you should be looking for before you buy one:

  • Uses

The usefulness of a torch lighter really depends on the activities you intend it for. Whether you’re buying a torch lighter to smoke or build a campfire or host a barbeque, the contributions of a torch lighter can vary across a spectrum of activities. However, the single common function between torch lighters catering to different uses is the presence of a good flame that is intense within a reasonable change. For instance, a regular smoker would buy a lighter to light his cigarette with a powerful but small flame rather than entirely torch light himself. Consequently, a torch light used in a campfire or barbeque would derive more benefit from intense and big flames. So make sure to choose the best torch lighter based on your area of interest for its use.

  • Number of Flames

If you’re a regular camper or hitchhiker, you probably should not settle for a single flame lighter. In fact, the more the flames, the better the lighter. Almost every torch lighter in the market is available with the feature of working with multiple flames that range anywhere from 2 to 5. The abundance of these flames helps to battle against low temperatures and chilly-windy weather. This also makes up for a windproof design that finds use concerning a wide range of inconvenient scenarios- whether your cigar fails to light up amidst a harsh windy night or you need one to light up a whole campfire. Make sure to look for a set number of flames according to your intended use of the lighter. Also, the more the multiple flames, the more is the cost and frequency of refueling the lighter.

  • Shape and Size

The size and shape of every torch lighter in the market are modeled to deliver some uses- so choose accordingly. For instance, large and sizable torch lighters are more dispensable in view of activities like camping while meticulous and delicate lighters enable cooking and crafting. If one were to operate in place of another- not only would the consequences be disastrous, it would be a ridiculous scenario. So make sure that you get a lighter that is sized and made for your future use.

  • Practicality

The factor of practicality in terms of lighters prevails over style. Many fancy lighters can often end up being a no-show. Practicality matters because this dictates how resourceful a lighter is going to be and for how long. You can determine a good lighter by paying close attention to its list of features. Don’t worry though; you’re bound to find many torch lighters that work practically great while simultaneously sporting smooth, exuberant, and elegant designs.

  • Ignition Lock

An ignition lock is perfectly useful in scenarios that require you to hold a flame consistently (like setting up a campfire or burning a metal). To cater to this, many lighters come with ignition locks that effectively lock the flame into place so that you don’t have to keep your hand on it at all times, risking potential harm. If you can see yourself doing activities that require an ignition lock, make sure that you look for sustainability in your torch lighters.


Below is a list of high-rated, top-reviewed torch lighters available online, which you may refer to find the best torch lighter.

1.Scorch Torch Butane Torch Lighter

Triple Jet Flames and durability can be hard features to bargain for in the world of torch lighters. However, not with the Scorch Torch Butane Torch Lighter. This torch lighter exceeds the efficiency and elegance of your normal and everyday torch lighters through easy-to-use features and flame control perks that serve to fulfill your cigar needs.

best torch lighter

  • The Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Lighter is placed at an economical size ranging from a sturdy 0.95″ x 0.75″ x 3.15″. This makes the torch a small and manageable yet highly resourceful possession. You can carry it around in your pocket for daily use in different situations.
  • Distinguished for its safety and ease of use, this torch lighter has an adjustable flame control feature through which you can regulate the size, temperature, and intensity of the flame and increase it or decrease it according to your requirements.
  • The Butane valve inhibited at the bottom of the lighter is designed to be refilled. A regular refilling routine can keep your lighter in constant working conditions so you can smoke your cigar anytime and anywhere that’s convenient for you. You don’t need to worry about whipping it out, out of the blue, and finding it useless.
  • In terms of safety, the Scorch Torch Lighter features a manual-open safety cap and a cigar punch accessory sp that your lighter doesn’t turn on easily t even as you’re simply playing or fiddling around with it.
  • The scorch torch also comes with a bonus free scorch torch velvet gift pouch because a torch lighter serves to be an easy and reliable present to gift people with on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events.
  • You can use the one year manufacturer’s warranty in case you incur any difficulties while operating the product.

5 Best Torch Lighters 11

2.Jo Tesla Coil Lighters Usb Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

The Tesla Coil Lighters have been breaking barriers and knocking premium level doors ever since they launched. Established on an electric arc, the Tesla Torch Lighter provides a unique experience wherein you don’t need to pay constant attention to your lighter because it doesn’t use potentially dangerous flames to express its usefulness. This lighter is regularly rechargeable by way of a USB port. Its simple operations, resourcefulness, yet sleek and stylish design make this the perfect gift for a close friend or family member.

best torch lighter

  • Sized at an approximate value ranging from 3” x 1.75” x 0.5” dimensions, this indicates that the tesla torch lighter is a small, compact and pocket-friendly investment that can be great for daily use if your hobbies revolve around activities like smoking cigars, camping, hitch-hiking, etc.
  • The lighter has a feature that enables USB recharging. After one charging session, the lighter becomes dispensable for use for up to 100-300 uses/ a full week. Besides, recharging a torch lighter has never been easier!- just plug it into a power source and you can access a full and ready torch lighter anytime, anywhere.
  • The electric lighter is based on the principle that requires neither flame nor butane to exercise its functions. This way, not only is it impressively convenient, but it can also prevent any hazardous occurrences.
  • As the lighter is characterized by a flameless torch, this also means that it is completely windproof. Besides, the absence of a flame also reduces the need for making constant refills to keep the lighter intact.
  • The torch lighter is also protected by an overtop lid that prevents any onsets of sudden lighting outbursts owing to its safety feature.

5 Best Torch Lighters 11

3.Torch Cigar Lighter 2 Pack Triple Jet Flame

The torch cigar lighters with triple jet flame feature a universal butane refillable valve that you can use to fill up the lighter to ignite the torch. Through regular refilling, you can smoke your cigars whenever you want without ever running out!

best torch lighter

  • If the jet flame is not according to your liking, i.e, if it is too big, too small, or non-igniting altogether, you can fix this issue by paying a visit to the flame regulator at the bottom of the torch. 
  • This jet flame lighter features triple burners, i.e, a 3 jet flame lighter option that provides you with intensive and effective flame. The concept of the 2 jet flame lighter is complemented through its adjustability and the lighter’s stylish finish. 
  • The idea of the triple jet flame lighter made of waterproof design induces a powerful flame that can battle all sorts of wind to keep your cigar going. The Icfun lighter has its spread over a wider flame surface area where you can light your circular cigar with no hitches.
  • While the torch lighter is can seem to be only cigar-centric, it is anything but. The well-developed triple jet lighter flame can be a source of power even within the scope of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, BBQ, etc. Its convenient packaging and many uses make this lighter a small yet economical investment in terms of a birthday or anniversary present, etc.
  • However, the incentives don’t just stop there! The torch lighter comes with a 60-day warranty, by way of which you can identify any problems within the lighter and immediately contact the company for rectification or replacement of the product.

5 Best Torch Lighters 11

4.Luxury Single Hand All Adjustable Power Butane Blow Torch

Low lit flames can be painful in the sense that they’re frustrating and never enough– which is why we bring to you this inZanity Blow Torch. The functions of this product can be regularly switched between a torch style and a lighter style use so it can adapt to your needs with the click of a button. Besides, the torch lighter operates on an adjustable basis wherein you can make the flame as high or as low as you like. All these features conclusively contribute to a safe, reliable, and unrivaled torch lighter.

best torch lighter

  • The inZaynity torch lighter values its customers’ safety and comfort above all else! It is for the sake of convenience that the inZanity torch lighter is equipped with an ignition lock. This ignition lock makes away with the need to hold the ignition button and keep up the flame, and in fact- does this job all by itself. In consequence, your finger doesn’t have to stay at a close distance to the flame anymore.
  • The list of useful features of this product is endless. The torch lighter comes with an all adjustable flame quality by which you can adjust the intensity or level of the flame through changing flame size and temperature to suit the undertaking of various activities ranging from cooking to lighting a campfire etc.
  • The inZaynity torch flame has a remarkable never seen before Multi-Use Function that allows it to swift easily and swiftly between the Torch style Fire to the Lighter Style fire so that you find important in this product beyond just smoking.
  • The torch lighter also receives its strength through a sleek yet comfortable design originating from materials like Kirstie and zinc alloy- these materials provide the lighter with peak comfort and a sturdy exterior that lets the torch stand on its own without a helping hand.
  • Satisfying and strong flames are inZanity torch lighter’s forte. Where other lighters fail, this torch lighter heats the product to 2372 degrees Fahrenheit and enables the flame to stay intact for 30 continuous minutes if the valve is filled to the brim.

5 Best Torch Lighters 11

5.Electric Lighter Plasma Windproof Arc Lighter

This Torch Lighter follows the route of an electric arc to give you flame-free service that is both efficient as well as environment friendly. The lighter has a never before seen slope of 75o that enables equal heat distribution. Completely characterized by a firm exterior, viable heat function, and a stylish edge, we’ve handpicked this lighter as one of the best choices for you.

best torch lighter

  • This torch lighter is edged with a 75-degree slope pole design. This angle efficacy gives the lighter a cooler, stylish edge in comparison with its competition, while also fuelling the torch flame by distributing the heat much evenly across the surface. This sloping quality enables where older designs limit lighters with narrow necks that are insufficient.
  • It is a dual arc lighter, this action proves to be five times faster than a single arc atomic or electric lighter. Furthermore, the product is furnished with high-quality zinc alloy exterior and high-temperature resistance ceramic plate to keep its operations safe and durable within your hands.
  • The zinc alloy exterior is supported by a “dragon” design, thus excelling the lighter in its working and style.
  • Windproof designs are prized among lighters- there is nothing better than smoking out on a peaceful, windy night after all. It is to support exactly these endeavors that the torch lighter is made of a windproof technology that enables the flame to persist in the wind. 
  • The lighter is also programmed for safety. In case the arc has been noticed to be continuously heated for a period, the torch instantly shuts off the lighter within a total of 7 seconds to avoid running the risk of a fire.
  • Not only is this torch lighter an ideal gift for close friends and family (it’s small, cheap, and useful), the torch lighter exceeds being useful with respect to just a cigar. No, this torch lighter extends its functioning to activities like camping and hiking as well.

5 Best Torch Lighters 11

The best torch lighter stands unrivaled and charismatic as an unexpected helping hand around the house. It can also act as a handy device during camping and hiking, while also being somewhat of the key to great cigar trips. Good torch lighters in terms of value, thus, can be life-long investments that remain minute yet important details in your life. We hope that you managed to find a torch lighter to help you achieve the small goals you set around and outside the house from the referenced list above.


  • How does a torch lighter work?

Butane torch lighters usually work by dispatching liquid butane from pressurized valves that convert the liquid into thin streams of gas upon striking the lighter flint.

  • Which torch lighter is the best?

To find the best torch lighter suitable for your needs, refer to our list above!

  • How to use a torch lighter?

You can begin using a torch lighter by simply flicking a button at the top. Hold down the button for however long you need the flame.

  • Can you bring a torch lighter on a plane?

You can bring a torch lighter on a plane on the condition that it stays as carry-on baggage. Torch lighters included under cabin are strictly prohibited.

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