SNES Earthbound Uncut Video Game with Custom Box

Graphics were cute and appropriate
Earthbound is funny
Full Color professional Manual
Full Uncut and English Translated Version

BrotheWiz 16 Bit 46 Game Card Game Cartridge

High Quality Sticker
Great puzzle solving element
Great game
Combat system

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Superstar character Mario
Seven stages
Areas to explore
1 player

SNES Translation Tales of Phantasia

Fan Made Translation Game
SNES cartridge
Clone systems
Playable on SNES system

Chrono Trigger

Interesting cast of characters
Active Time Battle
Powerful combos
Special Tech skills

Relive Your Childhood With The Best SNES RPGs

In 2020, gaming is a 120-billion-dollar industry, and these numbers are expected to double in the next five years. Video games have taken the world by storm in the 21st century, with nearly everyone having played games in some form. This has been especially true since the advent and widespread presence of smartphones. They have enabled gamers across the world to enjoy video games on the go.

However, if we were to look back a few decades, gaming was a significantly smaller market. Even up to 2015, in order to participate in playing major titles, you either needed to have a beefy personal computer or a top-notch gaming console. With each passing year in the 21st century, gaming has slowly become more accessible for everyone, but it was a long journey to get to this place.

One of the most popular gaming consoles of all time, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was launched by Nintendo in 1990, and it changed the landscape of home entertainment forever. The console sold about 50 million units in its 13-year lifespan. It was the second programmable home console from Nintendo, featuring games on PCB based cartridges that could be replaced, adding new games to the system.

Computing power is calculated in bits, and the SNES was miles above the previous 8-bit consoles with a 16-bit processor. The console had brilliant software optimization that made full use of the hardware. This not only made the Super Nintendo Entertainment System the most popular 16-bit gaming console, but helped it keep its popularity up in the 32-bit era as well.

Today we have gaming consoles that far outclass the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in terms of graphical performance, interfacing and connectivity, but that does not take away from the popularity of SNES consoles or games. In 2020, SNES consoles have become prized collector’s items for the nostalgia associated with them as to preserve their incredible history.

Whether you are someone who misses your childhood games or is a serious collector looking to broaden your collection of SNES games, we have a great collection of the best SNES RPGs for you to look over. Role Playing Games or RPGs were a staple of the 16-bit gaming era and the SNES had a few great titles playable on it that have gone down in history as some of the most innovative games for their time.

If you are looking to buy an SNES RPG cartridge, either for your collection or just to own a piece of history, here are some factors you might want to consider.

Factors to Keep in Mind

  • Physical Condition of the Cartridge: While buying anything related to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, you must keep in mind that the console and all its peripherals were discontinued in 2003. Thus, everything available on the market is incredibly old and probably pre-owned. But with a few things in mind, you should be able to cop a cartridge that is near mint condition and still playable.
    • The Cartridge exterior: The SNES cartridges were made from high quality, durable plastic. However, with time and use the plastic does suffer from wear and tear. You should look for signs of yellowing, if the cartridge appears yellowish and faded, it is probably pre-owned. While yellowing inherently is not going to affect the gameplay, if you are a collector, it is something which will take away from its value. You must also check that the exterior is not broken at any point.
    • The condition of the PCB: The PCB or Printed Circuit Board is the heart of every SNES cartridge. They are analogous to memory cards from the present day. The PCB is the part of the cartridge that stores the game itself and thus is is extremely important to buy a cartridge without a damaged PCB.
  • Story Line of the Game: When looking for the best SNES RPG to buy for yourself or for a friend, the storyline is worth looking at. All of the most iconic SNES RPGs had memorable storylines that have stood the test of time. A game with a fabulous storyline is not only going to be a worthy addition to your collection, it is also bound to provide you with hours of nostalgic fun. 
  • Gameplay Mechanics: With RPGs, most of the fun is derived from the storyline and the gameplay mechanics the game utilizes to explore that storyline. A game might have a well written story, but without good gameplay mechanics, you would not be able to enjoy the story. When looking for the best SNES RPGs, it is imperative that you take the gameplay mechanics into consideration along with the storyline.
  • Ability to Replay the RPG: RPGs consist of extensively intertwined character arcs and well fleshed out universes. With the best SNES RPGs, it is impossible to explore the entire game within one playthrough. Thus, while selecting the best SNES RPG for your purchase, you should try to choose one that offers you multiple playthroughs. This not only lets you enjoy the game over and over again, but also lets you explore different endings to your game.

Now that we have seen what factors you must keep in mind before getting the best SNES RPGs, let us cut to the chase and look at what the market has to offer.

1.SNES Earthbound Uncut Video Game With Custom Box:

Earthbound is an extremely popular SNES title released by Ape Studios and HAL Laboratory in 1994. The game was developed over a period of five years and was popular due to its real world setting and edgy humor. The player controls group of characters who make their way through the two-dimensional world through cities, villages, dungeons, and caves. You must battle enemies in an arena and are awarded experience points upon victory and progress. These points are used to randomly level up attributes of the characters in the team.Best SNES RPGSThe game is often listed in lists of essential games of the 20th century and is regarded as one of the best SNES RPGs. The surreal setting, ethereal soundtrack and interactive gameplay mechanics make this a worthy addition to your Super Nintendo Entertainment System collection.

  • The game cartridge is in mint condition, being completely playable and devoid of any signs of damage.
  • The cartridge comes in a custom foldable box with all of the original branding intact.
  • When the game was originally released in North America, it had a lot of content omitted to fit American Values. This edition goes back to the roots and has all of the original elements from the initial Japanese release.
  • The game is translated to English that seamlessly fits in with gameplay.
  • The box comes with the original color manual, making this a very attractive pick for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


2.BrotheWiz Lufia and The Fortress Of Doom Game Cartridge USA Version

Lufia & The Fortress of Doom is one of the earliest SNES games to be released. Developed by Neverland Studios and published by Taito in 1993, it was the first title in the Lufia series of games. The game is a traditional role-playing title with four playable main characters, each with their own special attacks and abilities. 


The game features a classic top down, two-dimensional view set in a floating island called Lufia. The island has a large castle which is called the Fortress of Doom. The game takes place in this castle as the players have to make their way through it, defeating enemies in turn-based moves, which grants the player experience points. These can be used to level up the various attributes of the playable characters. 

The player can control multiple characters during the gameplay and the 2-d setting turns to a first-person view whenever the player enters a battle.

  • The game is a highly rated RPG which is often considered to be one of the earlier best SNES RPGs.
  • BrotheWiz offers cartridges that are in mint condition and have the original sticker and logo still attached.
  • Each cartridge is tested before being shipped out, eliminating chances of receiving a non-functioning game.
  • The iconic value of this game cartridge makes it a must-have for your SNES collection.


3.Super Mario RPG Legend of The Seven Stars 

Super Mario is one of the most iconic characters created by Nintendo. A lot of gaming enthusiast would even go the length of rating Mario as one of the greatest video game characters of all time. It was a role-playing game, created by Square and published by Nintendo in 1996. The game was the first role-playing game to feature Mario as the titular character.


The game is set in a geographically and culturally diverse land. With landscapes that feature mountains, forests and bodies of water. Each biome is characterized by the non-playable characters that inhabit it and are several. The goal of the game begins with the usual, rescuing Princess Toadstool from the iconic villain Bowser. But the game soon takes a turn when the world is invaded by the Smithy Gang. This is a gang of villains from an alternate dimension, led by Smithy, an evil blacksmith with aspirations of world domination.

The gameplay is set in an isometric 3-D setting. The game begins with the player only having control of Mario, but as the game progresses, you gain control of a party of five characters. The game has exploration sections and battle sections. One good thing about this RPG is that it does not have randomized battle sequences, you only enter a battle when you choose to engage with an enemy, giving the player greater control over the game and multiple replay options. The combat system itself is a turn-based, time determined arena style combat.

Throughout its run, the game received extensive positive reviews. These were mainly for its graphical quality, great gameplay, funny humor and engaging soundtrack. Mario is a staple of all Nintendo systems, and this game being the first RPG to feature him, automatically makes this one of the best SNES RPGs.

  • The game is the first to feature the iconic character Mario, making it an ideal collectible for SNES enthusiasts.
  • This offering comes with its original Japanese stickers and art.
  • The game cartridge is in excellent condition, showing no signs of damage or yellowing.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that this cartridge is a Japanese import, thus all the game menus, dialogue and gameplay will be in Japanese.


4.SNES Tales of Phantasia Translation

Tales of Phantasia was an iconic RPG developed by Wolf Team and distributed by Namco. It was originally released in 1995 and was popular to the point of being ported to multiple future consoles. 

The game features a scrolling 2-D style world and has a turn-based linear battle system. The player takes control of Cress Albane and four other characters as they battle various enemies.


  • The game cartridge is tested and in working condition, with all the original stickers intact.
  • The game is suitable for non-Japanese audiences too and has a fan-made translation of all dialogues and menus to English.
  • The game is playable on the original SNES console and all other consoles which are compatible with the 46-pin SNES cartridge.


5.Chrono Trigger 

Chrono Trigger was a 1995 RPG title made by Square. The game is widely touted as one of the greatest games of all time. Chrono Trigger is a classic role-playing game, with a top-down view of the player as the character navigates through a world filled with forests, cities and dungeons. Chrono Trigger is unique amongst RPGs as the battle arena and the navigation map are not different. Whenever a player encounters an enemy in the map, the battle takes place seamlessly in the same place with the same view. 


The game has six playable characters and one optional one. Each character comes from a specific period of history and each has their own set of attacks and abilities.

  • Graphically rich game world with unique characters, offering hours of engagement and replay ability.
  • One of the largest in-game soundtracks for any SNES title.
  • The game involves a lot of strategy with its turn-based Active Time Battle System (ATBS).
  • The game cartridge is in pristine condition and is playable on original SNES devices as well as clones.


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was an iconic console that provided entertainment for audiences of all age groups. Its prevalence in the 21st century is a testimony to its great design and the great games that it featured. Whether you are a collector, an SNES enthusiast, a gamer looking for nostalgia, or someone looking to give a great gift that brings up joyous childhood memories, this list of the best SNES RPGs is sure to help you make the best choice.

Points to note while choosing the best SNES RPG

SNES are a kind of role play games, popular among children and youth. These are in fact the best-known RPGs and regarded as of the highest value in the history of gaming. Here is a guide for you if you are looking for the best SNES RPGs.

  • The first point is that it should have many twists and turns within itself.
  • Based on fantasy develops the interest level of the player. A science fiction fantasy works even better.
  • The third point is very obvious. It should have a proper roleplay in itself for the player.
  • Those are the best RPGs, which is based on a particular theme. For example, Live a Live is a ninja-themed RPG, which is very popular.

So, these are few of the points that a good SNES role play game must have. These are very interesting games and one must look for the above features before buying a SNES RPG for him.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play the SNES RPGs on my computer?

No, these cartridges are specifically designed to be used in a 46-pin console like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

  • Are the games listed here still playable?

Yes, all the cartridges are in pristine condition, often retaining the original cartridge artwork. Each cartridge is tested for any flaws before being shipped.

  • Can the cartridges for these RPGs be played on SNES clones?

Yes, if the clone device has a port to accept 46-pin cartridges, these games will run just as well as they did on the original SNES.

  • Are there newer RPGs available for the SNES?

Unfortunately, No. The SNES was discontinued in 2003, owing to increased graphical capabilities of 32-bit consoles. Despite enjoying a large customer base to this day, game studios have stopped producing new games for the SNES in favor of newer consoles.

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