The Best 88 Key Keyboard for 2018

 Yamaha DGX660B 88-Key Weighted Digital PianoROLAND 88-note Portable Digital PianoCasio CAS PX150 BK 88-Key Touch SensitiveAlesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital PianoKawai CE220 Digital Piano
Product Dimensions59 x 21.5 x 12.5 inches 59 x 16 x 25 inches 40 x 10 x 20 inches3.6 x 11.5 x 50.5 inches54 x 20 x 35 inches
Item Weight82.9 pounds10 pounds20 pounds15.7 pounds176 pounds

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being an enthusiast in this trade for quite some time, there’s one coherent pattern I’ve observed – they can be expensive as hell. I’m not even exaggerating, especially when we’re talking about pianos.

Okay, okay. I know that the relatively expensive investment is all worth it. You know, music IS life. For every musician out there, this statement is true to life. However, for aspiring artists or people who have the talent and skill for it, but doesn’t have the money this can be a big problem.

88 Key Keyboard

In addition, if you’ve ever watched those classical movies, you can clearly see the piano to be large and heavy. In other words, if you live in a small apartment, it’s not going to give you any favors.

This can be pain in the ass as well if you live in a second floor building – er, the result wouldn’t be so pretty. Not only will you have the space and the price as the concern, but the maintenance and tuning are no joke.

But of course, the piano is one of the most versatile instruments out there. As a matter of fact, anyone can play it. Whether they may be kids, pros, or teenagers who are just trying to give piano a shot. Let’s get real here, almost everyone learned how to play the “Happy Birthday” first before anything else.

With that being said, it’s only natural that a lot of people would want to get a hands on a piano. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to break your bank just so you can play the piano. The best 88 key keyboard would suffice.

We’ve chosen the best in the market. Meaning, they have weighted action. It gives you the same feeling of the real thing each touch. In any case, let’s check out what we have down below.

88 Key Keyboard Reviews

Yamaha DGX660B 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano

We’ve decided to start the list strong with a model that’s coming from the big man himself, Yamaha. I’m pretty sure everyone knows who this top dog here.

Yamaha DGX660B 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano

Honestly, Yamaha DGX660B has one of the best speakers out there. They are top-notch, any professional would be able to tell that this is different from the rest. It emits some pretty clear sound, and at the same time, it delivers a dynamic range. In comparison to the others, this one shines.

You’ll also be given the convenience of having all of the necessary non-piano sounds you’d like to try out. There’s an option where you can choose from hundreds of voice.

The great thing about it is that it comes in with reverb, chorusing, DSP, and EQ settings let you modify your sound. While this may be heavier than the others on the market, this can be a really good keyboard for home use. Not so much for portability. Generally speaking, its performance is well-above average.

ROLAND 88-note Portable Digital Piano

If you’re a professional musician who’s looking for a digital piano to be their partner-in-crime, then you might want to check out Roland 88-note Digital Piano. This is known for its perfect use on-stage.

ROLAND 88-note Portable Digital Piano

Also, it helps knowing that this carries most of the features that RD-700NX has. Well, there’s one catch though. You can get it at a cheaper price. Economically speaking, this wins.

Just like the Yamaha product above, this can also be placed in a studio. It carries a MIDI ability and a extensive variation of onboard effects.  

Casio CAS PX150 BK 88-Key Touch Sensitive

If you’re REALLY looking for a key keyboard that’s cheap, then go for PX150. I know what you’re thinking, Casio is a brand that’s well-known for its product lines intended for children.

Casio CAS PX150 BK 88-Key Touch Sensitive

However, CAS PX150 is a different story. As a matter of fact, this is far from being a toy. The design has been kept simple, which is really great for people who are just starting to learn the piano.

It only has 16 tones though, this can be a concern for some users. However, it’s pretty affordable so you can’t blame Casio for keeping the features short. After all, they’re focusing on quality and affordability.

Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

If Casio’s price isn’t enough for you, then go with Alesis. This is the cheapest on the list. It gives you a full-features digital piano. However, the keys are only semi-weighted. Also, it’s been equipped with modifiable touch response.

Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

You can also customize at your will. The only thing you have to do is add 2 at once with the use of layer mode. It offers a rather full, rich tone.

If you want, you can easily assigned to either your left or right hand in split mode. This is a great digital piano for people who want to learn the piano without investing too much.

Recommended Product

Kawai CE220 Digital Piano

Kawai CE220 is the most expensive on the list, but it’s completely understandable as it’s the greatest thing ever. When it was released in the year 2012, it has left a mark in the world of digital piano sound realism.

Kawai CE220 Digital Piano

You’re going to notice that every note on the piano was specifically sampled coming from its big brother, the Kawai acoustic grand piano. Meaning, this delivers a true-to-life quality that anyone can admire.

This has been built with a 2-track MIDI recorder. In addition, its USB port makes it easy for any loading and saving needed. There’s two separate tones as well thanks to its split keyboard feature.

Overall, Advanced musicians are going to love this to death. The volume sliders, the way it balances the voices, and other easy to control setup makes it a winner for anyone.

Wrap Up

This is the most practical way to keep on doing what you love without having to be broke right after the purchase. Inventors are now taking a leap in the movement of musical technology. Right now, there are some pretty cool full 88 key keyboard in the market.

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