The 5 Best XLR Cables of 2019 for the Pro Musicians to Check Out

The 5 Best XLR Cables of 2019 for the Pro Musicians to Check Out 1

LyxPro Balanced XLR Cable 20 ft Premium Series Professional Microphone Cable

98% Braided shield
Gold plated contact points
DMX lighting applications
Cotton Yarn wrap reduces noise
The 5 Best XLR Cables of 2019 for the Pro Musicians to Check Out 2
The 5 Best XLR Cables of 2019 for the Pro Musicians to Check Out 3

Cable Matters 2-Pack Microphone Cable

Convenient and cost-effective
High frequency response
Heavy duty metal
Soft PVC jacket
The 5 Best XLR Cables of 2019 for the Pro Musicians to Check Out 2
The 5 Best XLR Cables of 2019 for the Pro Musicians to Check Out 5

Planet Waves Classic Series XLR Microphone Cable

Pure signal transparency
Corrosion resistance
In=Out Technology
Lifetime guarantee
The 5 Best XLR Cables of 2019 for the Pro Musicians to Check Out 2
The 5 Best XLR Cables of 2019 for the Pro Musicians to Check Out 7

Mogami GOLD STUDIO-15 XLR Microphone Cable

Superior clarity
3-pin XLR connectors
Gold contacts
Lifetime guarantee
The 5 Best XLR Cables of 2019 for the Pro Musicians to Check Out 2
The 5 Best XLR Cables of 2019 for the Pro Musicians to Check Out 9

Hosa XLR-115 XLR3F to XLR3M Balanced Interconnect Cable

XLR3F to XLR3M Connectors
Oxygen-free Copper (OFC) Conductors
OFC Spiral Shielding
Professional quality and construction
The 5 Best XLR Cables of 2019 for the Pro Musicians to Check Out 2

Every musician needs thebest XLR cables!

From accurate sound to transferring signals, you would require ahigh quality cord. Every professional recommends it and also uses themselves which helps in producingtop-notch sound during a recording session or live shows. However, do you know all XLR lead wires are not equally created?Things like shielding and connectors affect the quality.

best XLR cables

As it is important to have high quality devices like microphones; similarly, standard cords are also equally essential.Since you’re looking for purchase the top quality cables,here I’ve enlisted the best XLR cables of 201.

1. LyxPro Balanced XLR Cable

It is one of the best cables in the market which is used for professional recording session as well as live performance. The cable covers 98% on shields along with a cotton wrap which is quite effective in breaking the noise interference. This way, it eliminates possibilities of disturbing sounds which affect the performance during alive gig or while giving a take.

Inner Shields and Connectors

The inner shield of LyxPro consists of dual PVC and has gold plated connectors. While using, I found that the Gold plating’s sturdy pins connected well and helped in transferring the audio fluidly.

Length of the Cable

Length of this cable ranges up to 20 feetwhich, according to me, is ideal for any live show as it helps the musician to carry the instrument and move around freely on the stage. Though it is a long cord for recording in a studio, it adjusts adequately for any surrounding.

LyxPro Balanced XLR Cable

Moreover, these are sold at a reasonable price in the market for everyone who needs it.

2. Cable Matters 2-Pack, Gold Plated

Cable Matters has got some superior XLR cable reviewsfrom other users.It comes in a pack of 2 sets which can be used for pro recording session and audio mixing. Even for lighting equipment,thisthree pin set is effective. It is cost-effective as well as convenient because of the replacement cables (male to female) forusing on various systems.

Cable Matters 2-Pack, Gold Plated

Gold Plated Connectors

The connector pins are gold plated which provide atop quality durable connection which is essential for good sound output. Also, the gold plating helps in keeping these connectors free of oxidation which,afterprolonged usage,are found in the regular onestoaffectsound. This is why many professionals prefer these as the best XLR cablesthan the rest.

Copper Wiring Cords

For noise cancellation, the cables come with a flexible shield. Also, it has got copper wiring which enabled the flow of sound from one end to another without any kind of interference.Because of the resilient shield,it is often a preference for live gig but I have used this conveniently in studio too.

If all these features match your requirement, you can certainly give this a try. At least, I wasn’t disappointed.

3. Planet Waves Classic Series XLR Cable

As you can guess by the name, this is the classic series of XLR cables from Planet Waves. Having reviewed so many products,this one seemed to be the most affordable choice of all.Though it doesn’t offer such quality materials like the above two, it has some of the high-grade wiring properties which make it a worthy purchase. This partciular feature has also brought many positiveXLR cable reviews from people around.

Planet Waves Classic Series XLR Cable

Nickel Plated Connectors

Yes! This product comes with nickel plated connectors which proved to be quite handy during my stage show. It offeredclear and audible sound transferring.

Oxygen Free Copper Connector

The inner cable comes with a copper wiring free of oxygen. It enhances various electrical properties including increasing conductivity which is efficient when transmitting audio signals. Personally, I have seen many industry expertsto use this for stage work as well as during recording, giving good XLR cable reviews.

Hence, I can definitely say this – nothingelse is better than the classic series for definitive performance within budget.

4. Mogami Gold Studio 15 Microphone Cable

When it comes to delivering high quality sound, very few come near to this product.Do you know most of the producers around the world go for this cable? Well, yes! They choose this when mixing audio files or want clear recording without any noise or interference. The price ranges in the mid-table which,to me, is cost efficient considering the qualities it providestoits users.

Mogami Gold Studio 15 Microphone Cable

Solid Gold Pin Connectors

As its connectors come with pins made of solid gold,this cable helps in conductivity which, in turns, makes it perfect for studio usage.

Cables with Copper Wiring

Like all other best XLR cables, this also comes with a copper wire which is oxygen free. It has a stiff shield which makes it hard for stage performances but cannot beat the sound it brings inside a studio. If you are an industry professional, this would be an additional feature, for sure.

5. Hosa XLR-115 XLR3F to XLR3M

Do you know what surprised me about this model? The quality it packs, that too at such reasonable price. It is really inexpensive and also delivers high quality sound. This is the primary reason why various pro musicians and audio engineers prefer Hosa XLR-115 XLR3F.

Hosa XLR-115 XLR3F to XLR3M

Metal Die Cast Pins

The metal die-cast pins provide durabilityalong with a spiral shield; all of which combines to give such high performance. When on a budget, it is one among the best XLR cables to purchase.

Center Copper Wiring Cables

Center copper wiring provides one of the best conductors when wiring is concerned. It is long lasting,and the oxygen-free attribute helps in audio transmission smoothly.

From a personal experience, I can assure you that these are the 5 best XLR cables you can try this year. Coming in variable yet affordable price ranges, each of the above excel with their unique features and performance.

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