Looking for These 5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves to Use?

Looking for These 5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves to Use? 1

RDX Boxing Gloves Cow Hide Leather Sparring Training

Heavy duty shock absorption
Most grueling hits
Gel integrated padding
Cow Hide Leather
Looking for These 5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves to Use? 2
Looking for These 5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves to Use? 3

Everlast Pro Style Elite Training Gloves

Premium synthetic leather
Superior construction
Breathability and comfort
Fights offensive odors
Looking for These 5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves to Use? 2
Looking for These 5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves to Use? 5

Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Leather Boxing Gloves

DUAL-X closure system
Antimicrobial lining technology
heavy bag gloves
Kickboxing gloves
Looking for These 5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves to Use? 2
Looking for These 5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves to Use? 7

Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Leather Boxing Gloves

Comfortable and tough neoprene material
Flexible and remarkably durable
Pre-curved foam
Looking for These 5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves to Use? 2
Looking for These 5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves to Use? 9

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

All-leather outer
dry and comfortable wear
Adjustable wrist strap
Approx. 16 oz.
Looking for These 5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves to Use? 2

Boxing, Muay Thai, etc. are classifiedcontact sports where you require adequate gear to be proficient inside the ring. From Muhammad Ali to Floyd Mayweather Jr., everyone agreed that skills are indeed essential,but a good set of gears helps in implementing those skills smoothly.

5 Best Heavy Bag Gloves to Use

Do you believe the same?

Well, one of the primary and most important tools of a boxer is his gloves. It needs to fit perfectly, or else, the blows to the opponent won’t affect as much as it should. As various brands sell such gloves with different features, you should get the best heavy bag gloves whichever suits your requirement.

I have tried some of the best notable mitts in the boxing industry and here’s what I found to be top 5. Have a look!

1. RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Gloves

These are high quality boxing gloves which many professionals prefer when they are sparring or fighting in a match. The mitts are made from:

  • Cowhide leather
  • Gel integrated into three layers of padding
  • Impact Resistance
  • Adjustable wraparound wrist strap

RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Gloves

RDX gloves are well-crafted from full grain cowhide leather which is of supreme quality of course. These mitts are fully integrated with three layers of padding with Gel in between each compartment. Due to this feature, I experienced heavy duty absorption of shock which helped me to resist impacts and allowed metake gruesome strikes from the opponent.

Moreover, there are special compartments which aided in keeping my hands dry and cool, making it very comfortable.

For aperfect fit, there is a two-step adjustable wraparound wrist strap which doesn’t let the glove slide off when training or facing an opponent in a match. All these features help this product make in the list of the best heavy bag gloves.

2.      Everlast Pro StyleTraining Gloves

The name Everlast says it all!

It is one of the oldest companies in the boxing community which supplies superior quality gloves for amateurs as well as pro boxers. This item, Pro Style Training Gloves, is one of the best heavy bag gloves you can come across. It consists of:

Everlast Pro StyleTraining Gloves

·         Superior Leather

·         Improved curves

·         Anti-microbial

·         Large mesh area

When I was seeking gloves specifically for training purposes, I needed something extremely durable. For Everlast Pro StyleTraining, thisquality is ensured by its synthetic premium leather design along with a superior construction.

The improved curves in this item make gripping easy as well as fit nicely on hands. The palm area has a large mesh which offers breathability and comfort for the wearer that is essential when training for long hours.

Moreover, the gloves consist of anti-microbial treatment which can eliminate any bacterial growth and also prevent bad odour. Though the Velcro strap provides a small area for attaching it, this item has received excellent heavy bag gloves reviews.

3.  Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

When it comes to quality gloves, this item has received some of the best heavy bag gloves reviewsfrom users. It gives a classic look with all the facilities of a modern mitt as I have mentioned below.

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

  • Hand Crafted Leather Gloves

This item is handcrafted from full-grain 100% premium leather making it quite a product for sparring or bag-work. Unlike the other gloves,five foam layers keep it from breaking and delivers ideal performance when practising.

  • Anti-microbial Technology

This technology helps in preventing bacterial growth which, in turn,minimizes any bad odour. This is an essential quality which any individual like me looks for when buying a new pair of gloves.

  • Dual-X Closure for Perfect Fitting

Dual-X closure offers a perfect fit for users. Four splints interlocking at the hands back provides sturdy support which is a requirement for every boxer. It helps the pair to stay in place even after long time sparring.

The perfect fit along with premium quality materials used in its making makes it one of the best heavy bag gloves for boxing or kickboxing sparring time.

4. Everlast Neoprene Heavy Bag Gloves (4303)

Everlast has been the choice for many professional fighters for decades. This particular model is another masterpiece from the company which provides comfort and breathability to users due to its total mesh palm. The ventilation and fabrics used comprise of EVERCOOL technology for regulating body temperature.

Everlast Neoprene Heavy Bag Gloves

The most essential element in this pair ofmitten is the neoprene material used in constructing these supreme products. It will provide you with top-notch functionality and durability. Moreover, during my reflex workout sessions, itslightweight design offeredindividual power as well as speed.

Like other products which made to this list, this pair of gloves also offers anti-microbial technology for eliminating bacteria and foul odours. It ranks quite high in the heavy bag gloves reviews I have come across.

5.      TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

Finally, the last in the best heavy bag gloveslist. These premium gloves offer protection because of their several safety layers. Inner layers consist of breathable fabrics which securedmy hands from getting wet. The layers have a gel lining which is shock absorbent and can take gruesome hits. Also, the custom fit provides more accurate gripping.

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

There’s more! Its outer layer is made of superb leather entirely,and double stitched panels make them durable for lasting long. You’ll also find an adjustable D-ring along with loop closure and hooks for secure fitting.

Last but not the least, as this model comes in various styles,designs and colours, both men and women can use these when sparring alone or with a partner.

To select the best heavy bag gloves, you can simply get the one which suits yourrequirements as well as within your budget. After all, to win the game, you need the top quality gears.

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