Best earbuds under 50?

Best earbuds under 50? 1

SoundMAGIC E10 Noise Isolating in-Ear Earphones

Metal Body Earphones
Powerful bass balanced
Comfortable fit
Robust metal earphone
Best earbuds under 50? 2
Best earbuds under 50? 3

Sennheiser CX 3.00 Black In-Ear Canal Headphone

Connectivity Technology
1.2 m tangle-free
Convenient carry
Two year warranty
Best earbuds under 50? 2
Best earbuds under 50? 5

Brainwavz Delta Red IEM In Ear Earbuds

High grade aluminium
Balanced sound
Best premium foam tips
1 Button remote
Best earbuds under 50? 2
Best earbuds under 50? 7

Symphonized PWR Bluetooth Earbuds

Great earphone tips
Budget price tag
Wooden parts made by hand
Long-Lasting Usage
Best earbuds under 50? 2
Best earbuds under 50? 9

Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones with Mic

Extra bass
Secure and comfortable
High energy
Powerful sounds
Best earbuds under 50? 2

Why buy earbuds under 50?

There are few users who would deliberately choose to buy earbuds instead of the over-ear headphones. At the same time, it is also a compulsion to carry earbuds and not always depend on the over-ear headphones. These are some of the qualities of the best earbuds under 50.

  • Sound mixing

The right mix of bass and other tuning is the first and foremost need to look for in an earbud. If this is not fine, then you cannot enjoy the music at peace. The size of the earbuds should be in correlation with the size of the phone jack.

  • Sweatproof

The earbuds should be sweatproof. If they are not sweatproof, then the longevity of the earbuds reduces substantially.

  • Detachable cables

The cables are bound to get damaged easily. So, you need to check if the cables can be detached so that you can store them in safe places when you are not using it and carrying it for long distances.

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