The Best Fountain Pens For 2018

The Best Fountain Pens For 2018 1

Waterman Carene Medium Point Fountain Pen

Satiny black color
Lacquer finish barrel
Gold-plated clip and trim
18K Solid Gold
The Best Fountain Pens For 2018 2
The Best Fountain Pens For 2018 3

JinHao 250 Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen

Metal Steel Chrome
120- day warranty
Ink Cartridge International Standard
The Best Fountain Pens For 2018 2
The Best Fountain Pens For 2018 5


Metal Steel Chrome
120- day warranty
Ink Cartridge International Standard
The Best Fountain Pens For 2018 2
The Best Fountain Pens For 2018 7

Fountain Pen Set

The unique metal nib
Replaceable Ink Cartridges
Unique metal nib
Blue Ink
The Best Fountain Pens For 2018 2
The Best Fountain Pens For 2018 9

Parker IM Premium Chrome Chiseled Fountain Pen

Blue ink
Superior resistance and durability
Brass cap
Stainless steel medium nib
The Best Fountain Pens For 2018 2

If there’s one thing we ALL can agree on, is that fountain pens are awesome. Seriously, who doesn’t find them cool? While keyboards and e-mails are find and all, nothing beats the best fountain pens.

Best Fountain Pens

I mean, when it comes to defined writing instruments, this is your best bet. Heck, this looks elegant as hell. If you’re a true blue writing connoisseur this is something you’d go through the trouble for.

The price…well, sometimes it’s friendly. Sometimes is not. From just a mere couple of bucks, it can be of the level as Jinhao pen onwards. It goes without saying, if you want quality, you have to fork out some cash.

We can consider the best fountain pens as the pinnacle of all. Hey, if you’re going to compare a fountain pen that’s relatively cheap, it can go as far as surpass the other types of pen.

I’m talking about the ever-so popular ballpoint pens and rollerball pens. The writing fluidity is never the same with fountain pens. If you’re a huge fan of the old days, you might be familiar of the original dip pen.

This modernized version is way better. The reason why is that we use nib which gets the ink from its ink-storage. You basically get the same result with its predecessor, but without the hassle of having to dip.

Although I have only tried writing the old pen once, it was tiring. It might look cool on the outside, but the struggle is real. That’s for certain.

Enough about that, to help you out, I’ve reviewed the best ones for you. Check this out!

Fountain Pens Reviews

Waterman Carene Medium Point Fountain Pen

Since we all want to bring back the old times thru the traditional way of communication, why not do it with style?  This has been made with engineering marvels. Don’t forget, when it comes to appearance, this baby has it going.

Best Fountain Pens

Let’s what this is made of. For starts, this has been hand-crafted. There are no machines involved in the making of this one. It’s even hand assembled as well. The magic happened in France.

This thing has been made in scratch. It means it has its authenticity going on. If anything, it makes the experience more personal. When it comes to everything writing, presentation is everything.

You’ll receive a luxury gift box together with the pen. Its nib is an 18K solid gold, making it way better than the others on the market.

JinHao 250 Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen

I know that there are some people who are in a tight budget. But aren’t we all? We almost thought that it’d be impossible to get a fountain pen at a much lower price than usual. However, JinHao surprised us.

Best Fountain Pens

If you’re going to compare the price of this thing to the other pens on the market, there’s a huge gap between prices. It gives you a solid performance.

As a matter of fact, the ink flow doesn’t leak or skips. You know how annoying those things can be. In addition, it looks awesome. It gives off that prestigious vibe and its weight doesn’t make it feel cheap at all.

The material that has been used is Metal Steel Chrome. At this price, it’s not really unusual that it doesn’t have any ink. But it’s all good. There’s a 30-day refund which you can greatly enjoy.

The Executive Edition With Medium Nib

In the world of fountain pens, this is one of the finest creations ever that has an affordable price range. This offers you a reliable performance, you don’t have to worry about smooth ink flow.

Best Fountain Pens

It has been created by the makers to make sure that it remains consistent. But performance isn’t the only thing that this baby can do. The aesthetic is sleek with an awesome design.

In fact, you can even compare it to a high-end German Fountain Pen. This lets you choose either stainless steel or black.

One of the finest fountain pens of the world for under a hundred dollars. Your satisfaction is our pride and purpose.

ZenZoi Fountain Pen with Ink Refill Converter

Right out of the box, you know that it has timeless class and sophistication. It can’t just be argued. This offers high-precision, which is what everyone looks for in a pen. Now, you’re given an option with this thing: You can either with Million Dollar Red or Chocolate Espresso Brown.

Best Fountain Pens

Either way, both looks great with its matte finished and premium chrome. This is what you’re looking for in a pen: Elegance and Performance. It has a fine nib which lets you have a smooth signature.

Also, this even has an ink refill converter. Just for a head’s up, it can be found inside the barrel. Overall, it’s a sweet fountain pen perfect for professionals.

Recommended Product

Parker IM Premium

Before we start kicking, it’s necessary to know that Parker has been dedicating themselves to 125 years of innovation. Parker IM Premium has an awesome all-metal design, it makes it look sleek and classy.

Best Fountain Pens

Due to its shape, it’s clear that the makers aren’t just fooling around. It has a tapered shape which lets you have the best of time. I’m talking about simplicity, comfortability, and even accessibility.

At this price range, it’s quite impressive that Parker is doing such a fine job. The choice is yours, it has different ranges of finishes that lets you have it your way.

Finally, its stainless steel nib guarantees you of resistance and durability. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or left-handed, it’s an ideal match!

Wrapping It Up

Due to the fact that a fountain pen is legendary. It’s advisable not to lend it to anyone else. The nib is quite sensitive, and it gets worn out easily. It should be accustomed to your angle and pressure only. I hope you enjoyed the article!

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