5 Most Advanced and Best Boxing Headgear to Buy in 2018

5 Most Advanced and Best Boxing Headgear to Buy in 2018 1

TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear

Super convenient
Comfortable form-fit
Impact resistance
Perfect custom adjustments
5 Most Advanced and Best Boxing Headgear to Buy in 2018 2
5 Most Advanced and Best Boxing Headgear to Buy in 2018 3

Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Muay Thai MMA Sparring Head Protection

Durable leather construction
Laminated foam system
Protective advancements
Safely on sparring and fighting
5 Most Advanced and Best Boxing Headgear to Buy in 2018 2
5 Most Advanced and Best Boxing Headgear to Buy in 2018 5

Everlast Everfresh Head Gear

Adustable chin strap
Adjustable closures fits
Cheek protectors
Safety and excellent visibility
5 Most Advanced and Best Boxing Headgear to Buy in 2018 2
5 Most Advanced and Best Boxing Headgear to Buy in 2018 7

RDX Head Guard Maya Hide Leather Boxing Headgear

Adjustable Quick-Ez hook
Safety and efficiency
Ultimate protection
Gel tech integrated padding
5 Most Advanced and Best Boxing Headgear to Buy in 2018 2
5 Most Advanced and Best Boxing Headgear to Buy in 2018 9

Venum Elite Iron Headgear

High-density foam
Optimum shock Absorption
Lace tightening
Good support
5 Most Advanced and Best Boxing Headgear to Buy in 2018 2

Headgear is essential for all boxers when training. Every novice as well pros use head protection products for taking hits during a sparring session. The protection covers you from immeasurable injuries which may affect your career and life.

Best Boxing Headgear

To stop such misfortunate events, multiple companies came out with their version of headgears. To assist you in purchasing the best boxing headgear, below is a list of helmets which you can use as a protection from fatal injuries.

1. TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear

This company is renowned in the boxing community for their various commodities like gloves, shin guards, free standing heavy bag, reflex ball, etc. TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear is another product by them which offers full coverage to the face and lessens the chance of getting hurt.

TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear

Leather is used on the outer surface of the helmet while the inner portion consists of multiple layers of gel lining along with foam covering for comfort of the wearer. The gel lining technology helps to resist impacts allowing a person to take more hits during the training without the chance of injuring the head.

The portion of the headgear covering cheeks, ears, forehead and back is fully padded for maximum coverage and protection. Also, it fits the head perfectly of the wearer; for perfect adjustment you can also hook rear closure with elastic top and leather. Though this is a good headgear, it is suitable primarily for sparring sessions.


2.       HRingsideeadgear- One of the Best Boxing Headgear

For over thirty years Ringside is providing various gears to professional fighters, novices, trainers as well as to people who box for fitness purpose.

HRingsideeadgear- One of the Best Boxing Headgear


The helmet is built with premium leather inside and out. There is solid padding on the outer layer while the inner portion offers a soft thin layer of padding. This thin layer aids in fitting perfectly which allows comfort to the wearer. Similarly, the back and side portion are well padded too.


Numerous designs and sizes are available for this item from Ringside. This gear is specially designed for comfort, safety and durability which fetched excellent boxing headgear reviews. The dimension of the product is 3×10.5×7.5 inches and weighs 12 ounces.

Overall, the safety provided by this item is quite good. This gear is good for protection and definitely a remarkable option for competition. Though during a fight one might have some bruises but will be surely safe from head injuries.

3.      EverlastEverfresh Head Gear

It is made of top-notch leather quality. Velcro system easily enables adjustments which are required by a boxing enthusiast. On the gears’ top and back are Velcro enclosures along with chin straps for making it an easy product to wear or take it off.

EverlastEverfresh Head Gear

Some specific features are:

  • Anti-microbial treatment helps in averting the growth of bacteria.It also eliminates pungent odour and keeps the headgear fresh.
  • The synthetic leather it uses in the construction process assures longevity and durability of equipment.
  • It is a Durahide head equipment which ensures unobstructed visibility.

There are many other features which make this a good choice for pro boxers. This is one of the best headgears in the market.

4.      RDX Maya Hide LeatherHead Guard

RDX Sports Equipment Company introduced RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Headgear. This product is a top commodity which many renowned professionals use during their training period.

RDX Maya Hide LeatherHead Guard

It has a Tri- slab padding technology. Basically, it has a triple layer of foam cushion that helps in dissipating shock. These headgears come with Quick Ez adjustable loop and hook which is apt for fitting.  The hide leather increases the longevity and durability, which is certainly the most important requirement in head protecting equipment.

Removable face grill is made from highest quality of hardened plastic for maximum protection.Moreover, it also has the gel technology integrated into it like all other high quality helmets for absorbing the shocks and hence, fetches great boxing headgear reviews.

5.      Venum Elite Iron Headgear

Handmade in Thailand, this product possesses quite a firm exterior along with high quality stitching, made from synthetic leather. The outer layer foam pad is sturdy but the soft padding inside offers the comfort to the wearer. It is perfect for taking hard strikes without feeling the brunt much. Moreover, it also comes with superb ear protection which consists of soft padded bars for the ear.

 Venum Elite Iron Headgear

It also uses a Velcro chin strap other than the metal buckle which is quite the standard norm. Though the chin strap made of Velcro is not comfortable, it allows one to wear and take off the helmet easily.

These are the best boxing headgear which everyone from a rookie to pro fighters can use. These affordable helmets are the best way to be safe from any injury when sparring with a partner.

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