5 Best MMA Headgear to Protect You from all Types of Strikes

5 Best MMA Headgear to Protect You from all Types of Strikes 1

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Skintex leather conception
Ultra lightweight
Triple Density contoured foam
Head, cheek, ear an chin protection
5 Best MMA Headgear to Protect You from all Types of Strikes 2
5 Best MMA Headgear to Protect You from all Types of Strikes 3

Hayabusa Leather Kanpeki Elite 3 Head Gear

Full grain
Drum-dyed leather
Exclusive inner core
Fully breathable
5 Best MMA Headgear to Protect You from all Types of Strikes 2
5 Best MMA Headgear to Protect You from all Types of Strikes 5

Meister Gel Full-Face Training Head Guard for MMA

Unrivaled Fit
Most comfortable
Super convenient
Effortless on/off
5 Best MMA Headgear to Protect You from all Types of Strikes 2
5 Best MMA Headgear to Protect You from all Types of Strikes 7

RDX Head Guard Boxing Headgear

4 way Adjustable
Integrated Technology
Adjustable Chin Strap
Closing and Padded Top
5 Best MMA Headgear to Protect You from all Types of Strikes 2
5 Best MMA Headgear to Protect You from all Types of Strikes 9

Sanabul Essential Professional Boxing MMA Kickboxing Head Gear

Durable material
Easier to clean and maintain
Superb Impact
Secure and comfortable fit
5 Best MMA Headgear to Protect You from all Types of Strikes 2

Although a best MMA headgear can lower the amount of bruises and injuries of an athlete, there still exists debate about it. Numerous MMA athletes are still skeptical that headgears reduce concussions although studies have proven it.

Best MMA Headgear

Headgears protect one’s face and brain from significant injuries that can lead to a match ending prematurely.

However, while buying a headgear, athletes must consider a) the quality and b) price of one because the amount of protection it can provide rests on these two.

Other than MMA, 3 other types of headgears that exist although more or less similar include:

1. Muay Thai/Kickboxing

Muay Thai, quite different than MMA, involves high kicks, and elbow/knee strikes. Owing to these varieties of moves, Muay Thai headgears come with a chin protection. These headgears are closely related to that of Boxing; the difference between them includes the brand.

2. Boxing

Boxing headgears involve less chin pads and streamlined ones allow more vision to keep their head as easily movable as possible. Generally lighter than MMA headgears, these enable a boxer to stay mobile and dodge as many punches as possible.

3. Boxing (Sparring)

Sparring headgears also known as face savers include a thick padding from the lower part to specifically protect the chin and nose. Few sparring headgears also have padding lower than the rest to protect only the chin as the previous mentioned can reduce visibility.

The flowing is the 5 of the foremost MMA headgear reviews:

1. Venunger 2.0m Challe

The Venum Challenger 2.0, easily a best MMA headgear, follows the one-size fits all policy. With sturdy chin-bar providing utmost protection to the chin, it has a 2-strap Velcro on the back.

Venunger 2.0m Challe


With an overall black aesthetics, the Challenger 2.0 comes in a combination with other colors. The minimal colors only come with the logo on the front and subtly on the ear paddings; predominantly maintaining its black look.


The Challenger 2.0 is made out of artificial leather which Venum calls as Skintex. Although the contents on this leather are unclear, it provides superb comfort and feel. Satisfactorily thick and abundant padding run through the length and breadth of the Challenger 2.0; in addition to a softer one on the insides.

Why buy it:

Although a bit bulky, the Venum Challenger 2.0 provides superior protection to not only MMA fighter but also Muay Thai or Kickboxing as well. Providing great view of sight and comfort, the Challenger 2.0 makes a worthy investment.

2. HayabusaKanpeki Elite .30

The HayabusaKanpeki Elite 3.0 with its high shock force chin cup and top cranial cast composition presents quality protection for athletes. With one-size fits all; users don’t have to worry about selecting the right size.

5 Best MMA Headgear to Protect You from all Types of Strikes 11


With T-Crossadjustment Velcro strap on the back and medium-sized face guard, the Kanpeki Elite 3.0 makes every athlete look like warrior. Coming in a Brown color option, it has the Knapeki text on the top right corner and the Hayabusa logo on the back.


With 100% genuine full grain drum-dyed leather, the HayabusaKanpeki Elite 3.0 makes it to number 2 of the best MMA headgear list.

The hand-crafted leather is considered the world’s finest and high performance quality.

Why buy it:

Hayabusa’s X-Static XT2 anti-microbial technology keeps it bacteria-free and thereby eliminates any odour.

Moreover, the Hayabusa AG inner fabric makes sure athletes don’t sweat much and enhances thermo-regulating characteristics as well as breathability.

3. Meister Gel Full Face Headgear

The Meister Gel FullFace Headgear in the MMA headgear reviewscomes in Medium/Large, Large/X-Large, and XX-Large sizes. Its unique construction provides superb comfort, optimum protection, and a design that can fit flawlessly.

Meister Gel Full Face Headgear


Meister Gel comes with an exceptional face and chin guard in addition to ventilated ear guards. 2 large hook and loop closures on the back delivers easy and straightforward adjustmentoption to users. This helps them in easily puttingthe headgear on and off without any hassle.


Made from premium full-grain cow-hide leather, it can last long and take strikes for prolonged durations. Moreover, the multi-layered gel-enforced padding aides in resisting shocks and reduces injuries.

Why buy it:

The Meister Gel Full Face Headgear provides a full-face reinforced padding on chin, cheeks, forehead, and ears as well. With its overall built quality and genuine leather it truly makes for a best MMA headgear.

4. RDX T1 Leather Head Guard

Well-padded and protective, the RDX T1 Leather Head Guard comes with an abundance of technology that makes it one of the best. Providing superb vision and an adjustable chin strap, the T1 can perform excellently in the ring.

RDX T1 Leather Head Guard


The T1 has a mixture of black and white all through it and the RDX logo on the front. With padding on the back, it does a splendid job of protecting one’s back.


Made from authentic and handcrafted full-grain cowhide leather, the T1 also equips precision stitching that delivershigh end durability and longevity.

Why buy it:

The T1 can endure even the worst of shocks thanks to its integrated Supremo Shock foam padding with Tri-Slab Shell-Shock. Moreover, the Zero Impact G-Core Gel integrated technology from RDX aides more in protection. The R-Lock system delivers superior comfort as well as adjustability and thus defines it as a best MMA headgear.

5. Sanabul Essential Professional Head Gear

The last one on this MMA headgear reviews,Sanabul Essential Head Gear delivers excellent viewing as well as face coverage. With adjustable sizing, it comes in small/medium and large/x-large sizes.

Sanabul Essential Professional Head Gear


Black remains as its base color; other colors come on over the company logo on its front, in addition to its chin guard, a bit on its sides, and a little more on its back.

Loop and hook protection on its back aides in easy adjustment, safety as well as securing.


Its performance engineered leather makes it a best MMA headgear;delivers durability and also makes it easier to maintain and clean.

Why buy it:

The Essential’s impact-dura shock foam not only provides comfort, but, also makes sure that the face always remains protected.

When buying the best headgear, one can go with the above-mentioned 5 for their all-round protection and comfort. These not only perform well in the ring, but, can also be bifacial while sparring or training.

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