The Best Led Headlight For 2018

The Best Led Headlight For 2018 1

Simdevanma H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Bulbs

60 Watt Power
Three knife cutterhead
IP67 Certified
1 Year Warranty
The Best Led Headlight For 2018 2
The Best Led Headlight For 2018 3

Auxbeam LED headlights Extremely Bright F-16 Series 9006 / HB4

60 Watt Power
6,000 Lumens
IP68 Certified
1 Year Warranty
The Best Led Headlight For 2018 2
The Best Led Headlight For 2018 5

Kensun All-in-One LED Headlight Conversion Kit with Cree Bulbs - H10 (9145)

60 Watt Power
6,000 Lumens
IP68 Certified
2 Year Warranty
The Best Led Headlight For 2018 2
The Best Led Headlight For 2018 7

Glowteck LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit - H4(9003) CREE XHP50

68 Watt Power
12,000 Lumens
IP65 Certified
2 Year Warranty
The Best Led Headlight For 2018 2
The Best Led Headlight For 2018 9

AKARUI LED Headlight Conversion Kit - Single Beam - CREE XHP70

60 Watt Power
9,600 Lumens
IP67 Certified
2 Year Warranty
The Best Led Headlight For 2018 2

Technology has indeed changed the world’s perspective for the past decades, and when technology’s in question, this includes in all aspects, even in the area of LED lighting technology.

In other words, technology is widespread. Automakers have been riding the trends in the wave of technology, and recently, the costs for the best led headlight have dropped.

We’re given a wide variety of options when you’re looking for a LED replacement for the headlight of your given vehicle, and sometimes, it comes from brands you never thought that existed – trust me, after years of being in the trade, it still continues to surprise me.

Best Led Headlight

Let me just say this, if you used to own an automobile that either has halogen or HID headlights, then I’m pretty sure you know the big brands, like Philips and Sylvania. However, when it comes to the aspect of replacement bulbs, it’s rarely ever the case.

Here’s a pro tip: The LED bulb’s brightness is actually measured in lumens. That’s a huge factor you have to consider when you’re in search for the best led headlight to get.

There’s also an importance in comparing the brand’s advertised operating life especially if you have the tendencies of driving at night. The thing is, LED headlight bulbs are greater than halogen and HID bulbs, so it’s cost effective for any vehicle owner.

In any case, let’s get down to business and look at the best LED headlight.

Top 5 Best LED Headlight

AKARUI LED Headlight Conversion Kit

Here’s what I can say with how AKARUI LED light works, its patchiness of how its beams are less than expected. It doesn’t matter if it’s snow or pavements, you can certainly notice that there are tons of dark spots and patchy areas.

There’s something that this light bulb manufacturer in the advertisement did say, but doesn’t happen with their bulbs, primarily because of the arc beam technology they say the company’s using. But in actuality, it’s due to the type of projector of your vehicle.

It means you have to get a projector style unit in your chosen vehicle, so you can maximize the potential of AKARUI LED.

The Best Led Headlight For 2018 11

Just take a look at the newer vehicles (the new ones anyway) and you can see that they have a projector style unit. Now, this type is known for its focus on beams in a directional manner.

The reflector units are created with the concept of what a halogen light bulb is. With that being said, that’s the reason why it’s a struggle to find a pair of LEDs in the standards of a reflector unit.

Looking at the brighter side, its high beams are a different story. The high beams are able to cover up the problem areas or its patchy spot a lot better.

The Best Led Headlight For 2018 12

Auxbeam F-16

Let’s give it up for Auxbeam F-16, which is their premium LED conversion kit.  To kick it off, it’s 80 watts and 7,200. In other words, that numbers are pretty overwhelming, so I’m going out of my way to take a look closer.

It comes with anodized gold, so it’s an added bonus. You don’t visually see it, but the fact that it’s there is neat itself. Auxbeam comes with good quality and build, the wiring in my own opinion are nice, so I don’t have any two cents about this.

The Best Led Headlight For 2018 13

The clams are rather awesome; it comes with four led, and a neat rubber seal. As what I have observed, the seals have IP68 rating, so the possibility of being fully waterproof is there. In addition, it has a controller and a fan.

The Best Led Headlight For 2018 12

Kensun Kit with Cree Chips

I’ve personally used this baby to drive in all different kinds of conditions – dry nights and heavy rains. If there’s one thing that I can say about is that this beast of a product is one of the best there is in the industry.

Seriously, every part of this item is an experience, it’s well-built and sturdy. There’s no feeling of shakiness, so yeah, I get this strong feeling that it’s a product that could outlast a vehicle.

The Best Led Headlight For 2018 15

Let’s talk about the light output for each one of these babies; it gives you a total of 3,000 lumens. In other words, it’s 30 watts per bolt. Doing the month, it’s 6,000 lumens, which is actually quite a good number.

The Best Led Headlight For 2018 12

Glowteck EXTREME360

The build, just like the previous product, is actually pretty commendable. I have nothing against going all aluminum especially with Glowteck. I’d say that the company’s placed the diodes pretty well, and its overall feel for its construction is nice.

The Best Led Headlight For 2018 17

However, there’s one thing that makes this baby a bit hard to handle in terms of the aftermarket LED, and it’s because of the heat sink that stops you from placing the circular retainer lock on.

From what I have experienced, there’s a method wherein you can get this on without any need for modification. But in this case, the gasket seems to just come off. All in all, I’d say that this is a plu-and-play.

The Best Led Headlight For 2018 12

Recommended Product

Simdevanma All-in-One

If you’re looking for the best among the list, this beast is the real deal. To be honest, I’m more than happy with its performance. It gives you a close match with its previously installed halogen pattern.

The Best Led Headlight For 2018 19

You won’t experience more than one glare than what the halogen can offer, and as someone who has tried and experienced a lot of LED lights before, this just delivers the right amount of light to give you a good show on the road.

It’s safe when you’re driving, and it doesn’t put out blinding light for the other vehicles, which is a huge plus for anyone. It’s the best bang for your buck LED light.

The Best Led Headlight For 2018 12

Wrapping It Up

Quality always comes first before anything else. You get a good experience from these five products above, and not only have these been handpicked among hundreds of other options, but they’re guaranteed to give an awesome and a safer ride for your vehicles flashlight.

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