The Best Foot Massager For Your Home

Comparison of the Best Foot Massager:

 The Sharper Image MSG-F110
MedMassager MMF06 11Moji Foot PRO MassagerREVITIVE Circulation BoosteruComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager
ManufacturerThe Sharper ImageMedMassagerMojiREVITIVEuComfy
Weight6.8 pounds14.4 pounds1 pound5.6 pounds12.3 pounds
ProsToe-touch controlMost Powerful electric massagerEasy-to-Cleanactivates nerve-endingsMassages top and bottom of foot
ConsLack more controlsIt’s a bit too loudBalls doesn’t rollContraindications not statedPainful if isn’t positioned correctly

We’ve all been there – the feeling like the whole world is going to collapse. It doesn’t do us any good, especially when stress takes over.

When three things attack us at once, we collapse of mental and physical breakdown.

And when things get ugly, we don’t look good. Nor do we feel good. Seriously, no one is safe from mental stress. We all go through the phase. And some more often than others.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who tend to freak out easily. Hey, it’s not my fault. Puberty even cause people to hyperventilate.

Foot Massager

And guess what I’ve learned – the best foot spa can clear your worries away.

I’ve made sure to research on the best food massagers to aid us in our daily struggle. They honestly help a lot. I’ve noticed, since I started using them. They instantly alleviate pain and stress.

Body circulation greatly enhances. And of course, you’re drained energy is immediately restored. I’ve come to learn the best foot massagers as I’m a self-proclaimed athlete.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or have 9 to 5 day job. Because at the end of the day, you go home beat. It means, you can’t do anything for yourself. Your leisure time is greatly affected by the lack of energy.

Don’t you hate it when you don’t even have energy for Netflix?

You can actually choose to go a professional foot massage. But it gets expensive in the long run. And not to mention it’s time consuming!

The best foot massagers can do the job for you. I’ve searched for the 5 best product to choose from. So it’ll be easier for you to choose from.

Refer down to checkout my foot massager reviews!

Top 5 Best Foot Massager Reviews:

The Sharper Image MSG-F110

I have a bit of history with this particular product. I bought my mom one for her birthday a few months back. And I must say, it was quite a refreshing experience.

This baby right here enables you to relieve yourself from stress through heated foot massage. I’ve heard that it was created to combine Asian principles in one single product. This takes over a captivating acupressure points that stimulates your feet.

Foot Massager

Upon using the product, it starts off a counter-rotational massage action. This feels like a genuine “thumb action” which is just god sent.

Its massage rollers are one of the best worldwide. They offer deep kneading which does wonders for your feet. They automatically revive it in a cinch.

It comes with massager’s ridged grooves that aids in positioning your feet. This special optimization process alleviates your worries and stress.

For an added convenience, it sports a useful “toe-touch” controls. This lets you control the massage machine perfectly. You’re able to add soothing.

And if you desire, infra-red heat is available for customization. All of these are to fit for your ultimate comfort.

The 3 spinners’ works best for an overall impact. It only needs about 10 minutes to work its magic.  I’ve instantaneously noticed that my feet were both warm and toasty right after.

For the best of results you may rotate your feet either medially or laterally. This helps in getting all areas of your feet well taken care of.

MedMassager MMF06 11:

Technology is impressive, it can almost beat human skill. In terms of massaging, that is. Let me tell you, being able to control speed at will is AMAZING.

This has a relatively powerful 11 speed motor. You’re able to change it from 1,000rpm to 3,700rpm to fit your desired number.

Foot Massager

The numbers aren’t just for the show. Purchase this and you’ll own the most powerful massager in the United States of America. This machine doesn’t have a license.

This is constructed by professionals, and they have two things in mind. MedMassager is intended for the use of therapeutic and clinical use.

I would highly recommend this machine for people who keep on experiencing SEVER foot pain. Trust me, you can never go wrong with this one.

Clinically, this has a record for treating people severe circulation issues. In addition, if you tend to have pain coming from diabetes. This is the right machine for you.

It’s common for people to use it for their homes. But that doesn’t surprise me. However, the fact that doctors and therapists use it as well is a different story. This is not only popular in one country, but around the world as well.

This is the perfect machine for stimulating local circulation. And it works fantastically well for joint pain and swelling, too.

The design isn’t just for fun, they purposely made it ergonomically inclined. You’ll notice that the foot pad is really comfortable for use.

The reason why is they want you to find an optimal angle when in massage. In my experience, there’s no awkward angles ever. This guarantees you of safety and durability.

To keep you worry-free, it offers a 1-year full replacement. And if that’s not enough, you’re given a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT as well.


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Moji Foot PRO Massager:

I have a common problem for athletes – plantar faciitis. I decided to try this out on for size, and here’s what I’ve observed. For a massager, I’d say that it’s heavier than I thought it would be.

I don’t really mind, the build is made out high quality maters. It reassures me that it’s going to last a lifetime. Looking at the bottom, the construction is made out rubber.

Foot Massager

This is a good sign, really. It means its rubber and weight hinders the massager from moving. This is especially so when being used for massage. For most units, running your foot over the top would cause it to rock.

Measuring the steel balls, they’re at least an inch in diameter. It doesn’t give you a weak and flimsy feeling.

They’re quite substantial which I’m thankful for. These balls are able to rotate within their sockets.

Let’s get into details: it’s perfect for healing heel pain. What I do with this machine is I lightly put pressure on it. It only takes a number of minutes for my foot to get a hang of it.

Reviewing this machine as a whole, it feels nice. The arches and what’s under my toes feels great. I even discovered something about foot. I have a number of sore spots which was secretly hidden…until now.

If you want to try throwing this out in the freezer, it’s fine. It keeps the cold for about 20 minutes of usage. To prevent unwanted discomfort, use socks.

And because I always travel, I love how compact it is. I’m able to bring this along my trip anywhere without problems. Sometimes, I even use this baby while I’m on the plane. The magic never stops!


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REVITIVE Circulation Booster

You know this does? It activates your “Second Heart” at the comfort of your own home. Leg and foot problems are always there. And the causes are ridiculous – you move too much or too little.

It works by increasing circulation. In just a matter of minutes, it automatically releases you from pain. This is the best way to solve foot problems in this century.

Foot Massager

This particular works by applying pressure on your foot. Specifically, the machine stimulates thousands of nerve-ending. And these are held responsible for your discomfort or comfort.

By doing so, it reaches your Second Heart. These are the muscles found on your foot and leg. They work by unceasingly contract your muscles. Once your body has already relaxed, it’s able to pump the blood back.

Originating from your legs and going back to your heart. In just a moment, you’re already in top condition.

But of course, pain doesn’t only sit at one place. And RETRIEVE understands that problem. This particular device makes has the feature of 4 body pads. It means, other body parts are included in this stimulation.

Knee, shoulder, or back pain is also being included in the process. Basically, you’re getting a machine good for 4, in a price of one.

What’s My Take? Recommending It To YOU!

uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massage

The name says it all – it’s unbelievably comfy! I’ve tried a lot of units, but this one just stands out. And by looking at the machine itself, it screams comfortability and functionality.

People often disregard this as a mediocre machine because of its size. Well, DON’T! This little machine is a powerhouse! How do I put it? It’s like getting an amazing pedicure and food massage altogether!

Foot Massager

The best part is, you can bring this anywhere. This is pretty easy to hand carry. I wouldn’t even mind bringing to work. uComfy has little hands that perfectly massages my feet. It also makes me fall asleep in the process.

This little powerhouse has a heated air massage featured. Also, it kneads and vibrates in the right areas of my body. Particularly, at tops and bottoms of my foot.

You’re given the power of control – choosing the right intensity. Amazingly, it gives you FIVE levels to choose from.

You can do this by simply pushing its + and – buttons, and then that’s it. When you do so, you’ll notice that the pressure intensifies. As well as the tightness. Your feet will experience different levels of awesome!

Take note, when you turn it on, it’s being preset to the third level. For the price, it doesn’t feel cheap at all. Not does it feel flimsy. Overall, my experience with this has been nothing but wonderful.

If you want a high-quality but affordable priced foot massager. You’ve already found the best one right here!

My Final Say

Ever since I’ve started involve myself with massagers, my life has been easier to manage. Make sure you’ve found your perfect partner as well. When you do, it will only take on press of a button for the ultimate comfort.