Finding Out Your Next Best Kitchen Faucet

Comparison of the Best Kitchen Faucet:

 Kraus KPF-1602Delta Faucet 9913-DSTRuvati RVF1216STKitchen Faucet Bronze FaucetMoen 6410 Eva
Material Solid BrassMetalBrassBrass BodyMetal
StyleModern/TraditionalEuro-Design Commercial StyleModernClassic
ProsSuperior Rust-Resistant FinishDiamond seal technologySpray Lock Function High Arc and Magnetic DockingEasy To Use; Classic Design
Cons Low On Pressure Escutcheon Needed For Installation Hose May Not Retract After
Months of Use
Not Low Lead CertifiedMaintenance is Recommended

People don’t take the art of kitchen faucets seriously.  In fact, I think everyone’s overlooking that the average American spends more time in the kitchen. 5 times more to be exact, than in his own living room.

Honestly, if you think your ugly, old kitchen sink is bearable – think more clearly! Everyone needs to stop buying kitchen sink just for the sake of having one. That’s not doing your home any favors.

Kitchen Faucet

These days’ innovation and technology have taken place. If you’re kitchen sink as old as your grandma, then you have a problem. Learn how to GET WITH THE TIMES already.

I mean, everyone has already moved one. Why shouldn’t your kitchen do the same thing, too? You should get the best kitchen faucets to date!

If you do decide to take on my advice (which I think you eventually would) don’t act carelessly. I’ve been there, and I’m sure you’ve been through the same as well.

We can’t help but feel excited when there’s an installation going on. You’re already looking forward to the end result. But it would suck if it would look like it is out-of-place, right?

Take a breather and enjoy the experience of finding one. Don’t get too excited for something so simplistic. As it will eventually lead to something complicated.

There are different features present in the latest faucet to date. For example, there are now advanced designs which automatically turns itself off. It only does that when it knows you’re working something up.

If you do get a kitchen sink like that one, it’s perfect for filling in pots and cans or other containers as well. On the other hand, if it’s the opposite – it’s a completely useless feature.

Then we have the pullup or the best pull down faucet of kitchen sinks. Going with the former, these are ideal for people who want flexibility. For the latter, it’s perfect for rinsing vegetables, fruits, and a lot more.

Lastly, if you want to have a futuristic theme, you can always go for the “touchless technology”. No need to get your hands down and dirty. You won’t have spread bacteria over touching the handle which is just heaven-sent.

If you have happened to notice, there are these best faucet brands in the market today. Let’s simply review the best-rated kitchen faucets for you.

Down below, you’re able to find my kitchen faucet reviews. It’s going to help you find which the best one for you is.

Check It Out: Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews:

Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Do you want to kick it off with an awesome design? Well, you’re in luck. This baby is way beyond cool for its price point and style. This is a perfect faucet for people who want a bit of drama in their kitchen.

Because a boring kitchen doesn’t look a bit of appealing. Also, this is built with the best of materials. Specifically, this uses lead-free bass. It’s also being partnered with high-quality components to guarantee longevity.

Kitchen Faucet

This performs magnificently and comes with rather low flow Neoperl aerator. Have you noticed those annoying drips after using your rusty, old faucet? You don’t have to endure its annoyance with this one.

Kraus sports Kerox ceramic cartridge to make your experience a smooth and drip-free. If you’re after exterior design, the options aren’t limited. You’re able to choose from a commercial grade stainless steel or a sleek, chrome finish.

What I love about it is that you don’t have to worry about matching. It basically matches for you. Your surroundings, environment, and room will fit perfectly with this faucet. It’s wonderfully coordinated style for your home kitchen.

Let’s head over the faucet’s functionality. When it comes to being a modernize tool, this has it down perfectly. This is a great pull-down spray. And for added convenience, it even comes with a side pot filter.

This baby has a single-hole mounting. The reason is it leads into an integrated flawless process partnered with your sink.  

The system they made is simply amazing, it’s a well-planned product. Intended for a well-made time with Kraus KPF-1602 Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.

You’ll find its soap dispenser a neat bonus as it matches perfectly. These materials are built from brass. Because of this, you’re guaranteed of maximum durability. And it also comes with a pump swivel of 360 degrees.

Delta Faucet 9913-DST

Let’s see how this one fairs up. The build comes in with a nice, clean chrome with MagnaTite. The design is simple and nice, but it isn’t all for the show. The euro style design of this faucet puts the accents in detail.

It blends right in with contemporary and transitional designs. This baby is a pull-down spray, but pressure is not required. All you have to do is a gentle tug and the functionality is yours.

Kitchen Faucet

The hose is one of its best features, it’s able to extend and can easily retract. It can do these things without experiencing frictions points at all.

Raising the wand so you could dock the faucet, you’ll be able to experience its magnet instilled components. The wand what you call it falls perfectly into position.

No need to exert extra effort for adjusting it to where it needs to be. It has a mind of its own that does the job for you.

I used to own several pull-down faucets before, but all of them tends to droop. This doesn’t. Which makes me save money even more. Its picture-perfect vibe is only a bonus for its functionality.

The technology that it uses is DIAMOND Seal. This is a fancy valve that covers the unit with a solid diamond coating for a lifelong partnership.

There are other tools where it’s prone to metal contaminants. However, this doesn’t experience the same thing.

InnoFlex PEX waterways maintain the water locked inside the faucet. It stops any further contact with impurities making it safe for use.  

We all know that all things break, but this breaks only AFTER five million uses. That is, if you reach that long as well. This guarantees a worry-free time of using.

This must-have faucet has a Touch-Clean soft, rubber nubbins. Cleaning has never been easier, you can wipe it up with your finger. No killing off extra time for the aftercare.

Ruvati RVF1216ST

One sufficient highlight: It’s a premium Ruvati Kitchen Faucet Cascada Collection. That only entails that this product has the highest durability to offer.

I always appreciate it when makers make sure that their faucets are drip-free. It annoys me when there are drips. I still spend money on water that’s not being utilized.

Kitchen Faucet

This comes with a disc cartridge that guarantees a smooth experience. This is different from the non-ergonomic faucet I’ve owned before. They might be cheaper, but they destroy easily.

Flexibility is something this is exceptional at. You’re able to install this baby into countertops as well. And it can cover up to two inches thinks for your liking.

Have you experienced washing your hands early morning?  Seriously, there are just times where it’s really cold.  Worry no more. This has hot and cold water connection included. It means every time you use it, your comfort is a priority.

The quality alone is a commendable one. In short, it doesn’t make your faucet look ugly at all. This is able to withstand corrosions and water stains. But it doesn’t limit to that only, this is also a scratch-proof construction.

It also has a multi-function head. You’re able to control the faucet perfectly from stream and spray. And it only takes one press of a button to do so.

I really appreciate it. It’s a great leap from the effort of having to hold down the button to switch it. Seriously, this does the little things for you. It comes with an awesome lock function as well.

This means every time you left it in spray mode, it remains the same next time around. Unlike other faucets which don’t give you the freedom of being hassle-free.

Kitchen Faucet Bronze Faucet

You’ll appreciate by how it’s being built – lead-free solid brass. The body is evidently solid, made for durability and longevity.

If you’re after a long-term partner-in-crime faucet to get you through the day. Then this is it. This sports an oil rubbed bronze finish.  And it’s an incredible component which is able to endure corrosion.

Kitchen Faucet

Since the owners are sure of their product, they offer up to 5 years of the tarnish-free and peel-free faucet. Not to mention, an aesthetically pleasing design.

Its cartridge is quite durable. It’s been intended to execute a smooth operation. Did I mention that it’s also drip-free as well?

It comes with 5,000 turnings. Even if you’re going to use it every day for a long 15 years, it still works fantastic. Yes, your kids will already be in college before it wears out.

This doesn’t take much effort to function. A single swift on its toggle and the power is yours. You’re able to change it from a stream or spray easily.

The head is able to product and spout swivel 360 degrees. As for the sprayer, you’re able to maneuver it by pulling it down. This can control up to 18 inches of flexibility. This is a perfect faucet for an easy way of cleaning and fast access.

I wouldn’t even say it was an installation process – it was that easy. The quick connector and one-hole drilling do the trick. You don’t have to deal with the aftermath as its convenience is already measured.

Because of the size of its threaded shank, roughly about 3 inches. This lets you install it on a thicker countertop without a problem. Basically, it has high-arc and magnetic docking.

Confused? Here’s My Recommended Faucet!

Moen 6410 Eva Two-Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet

If you’re confused, check my favorite! Okay, I’m a big fan of design and functionality – and this one has both. You really need to change your bathroom to a more classic style. Its spouts is a beautiful swan-like construction.

The highly brooding mirror-like chrome finish is intriguing. There are even times where I simply look at it to appreciate its beauty. And not to mention the number of compliments I’ve received is just amazing!

Kitchen Faucet

The finish is just absolutely gorgeous, eye-catching in every way. For functionality, it comes with a two petal-like lever. This makes adjusting water convenient. And of course, you do it with style.

The package gives you a nifty drain assembly for you to use. Also, a quick and easy installment of a 4-inch center set style.

Do you LOVE water? This can produce a whopping 1.2 gallons every single minute. And it’s being sported with a nice, aerated stream. Try it, handwashing and daily tasks will never be boring ever again.

We’re always on the mission to save, and because Moen understands our needs. It meets the criteria for Water Sense. The system automatically lets you save on water. And the best part, performance is not being compensated.

I own a three-hole sink at home, and this is just perfect. The solid build and transitional style make it a cost-efficient add-on to my kitchen.

From what I’ve experienced, it’s really easy to use. And it’s quite comfortable as well. Without any doubt, I urge you to purchase this item.

It’s simple. The experience comes with 2 lever handles. I like how they didn’t go overboard with its features. It makes water adjusting an easy time for anyone – friends and family alike.

Enjoy The Experience!

Honestly, I can’t dictate what you want. It all depends on your decision. But your kitchen design matters in choosing the right one.

It’s already given the finding a durable faucet is needed. But it would feel out of place if you’re just going to randomly pick any faucet. After all, the best kitchen faucet is what you need – enjoy the experience!


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