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The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get?

The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 1

Driftsun Arctik Series 25 Quart Ice Chest/Heavy Duty Cooler

Lightweight Design
Rubber Cold Seal Latches
1 year warranty
The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 2
The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 3

Coleman 48-Quart Performance Cooler

Weight: 9 lbs
Holds 63 cans
Exterior: plastic
Wipe clean
The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 2
The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 5

Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler, Blue, 60-quart Wheeled

Superior thermal retention
Stain and odor resistant
Easy-to-clean liner
Size: 16.25" l x 29" w x 18.25" h
The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 2
The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 7

Igloo Quick and Cool Cooler

5 day 100 Qt. Cooler
Quick access hatch
Holds 2 Liter Bottle
The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 2
The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 9

Coleman Esky Coolers

Thick-wall polyethylene
Outside is unharmed
Integrated cutting boards
The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 2

For some reason, in every household, there’s always going to coolers/ice chests. Like seriously, it has become one of the family’s essentials. Funny as it may seem, but I can remember a lot of best ice chest when I was younger.

Here’s the thing, some families use it for their everyday humdrum. Of course, it isn’t the best ice chest. But don’t worry, we’re going to cover the details in a bit – just hold on tight.

Before we can start kicking, let’s get the basics done first. These coolers come in with various shapes, sizes, and colors.


Best Ice Chest


One of the reasons why shopping for best ice chest is cool, you’re bound to stumble upon something you’ll love. If you have observed closely, you can see that one specific ice chest isn’t the same with the other.

There’s a great deal of difference from one model to another. In the topic of functionality, it’s quite sensitive. For example, other models claim to be the best.

However, it leaks – damn, I hate it when that happens. Also, some are unable to keep the contents as cold as you want them to be. Yeah, it destroys the reason to get one.

Since I plan to be extra cool today, I’m going to help you with getting the best ice chest today. Check out the products down below:

Best Ice Chest Reviews:

DriftsunArctik Series 25 Quart Ice Chest

This is impressive. This is built to last – really well-made. For starters, it’s able to hold on ice for days without any problems.

Do you hate to sweat? Well, this comes in with a No sweat design you’ll surely love. It means on the outside it remains dry and awesome.

Best Ice Chest

It gives you a military-grade nylon rope handles, which you’re going to find solid. The feet, to ensure that there’s going to be no accident, it’s a non-slip rubber foot.

Also, the series comes in with molded tie-down slots. And of course, its lightweight design never fails to make people fall in love with the product.

The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 11

Coleman 48-Quart Cooler

There’s one main reason why we want the best ice chest: convenience. Since we’re talking about comfort and convenience, Coleman is on the right track.

This baby is going to shine with its neatly placed two-way handles. Both of the handles have rugged durability. This comes in with an impressive hinged lid.


Best Ice Chest


So yeah, you can say it’s one hell of a cooler for afternoons at the beach. Now, if you’re into sports, then bring this to the game field. I’m sure its fan base will increase due to its usefulness.

The cooler is pretty awesome. Although it keeps a rather simple look, it doesn’t mean its functions are inferior. This is being made with Thermozone insulation. It lets all of your food and drinks fresh and cold.

The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 11

Rubbermaid Ice Chest

If you’re in a tight budget, then this something you would want to consider. Although the price is surprisingly low, it’s still able to keep up a fight with the rest of the crew.

Of course, we can’t overlook the fact that it comes in wheeled. You can easily use it anywhere with a better option for transportation.


Best Ice Chest


It’s pretty good for holding ice, food, and drinks. But we can’t expect a high-end product coming from a low-budget buy. It doesn’t cool the ice as long as we would like it to.

But I’d still give credits for the thermal retention feature. Also, you’re in for a treat as its resistant to stain and odor. This makes the clean-up easy!

The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 11

Igloo Quick and Cool Cooler

The price is a bit higher than the previous product (shout out to Rubbermaid) but it’s pretty clear why. This is made up of Polyethylene, which is pretty great for material.

Unlike the other brands on the list that are made in China, this has been manufactured in the USA. From that alone, we can already take notice of the difference itself.


Best Ice Chest


Since we’re dealing with an Igloo here, it’s a great leap with technology. This baby can hold up to a 5-day cooling power. This is 100 Qt. cooler designed to keep your boat afloat.

Do you find it annoying where you have to scout for the things to hatch the contents? Igloo offers quick access. It means you’re going to save time and more good times to roll.

The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 11

DriftsunArctik Series 85 Quart Ice Chest

When we’re talking about investing in the next best ice chest, we want it to be tough. Now, the construction of this thing is NEARLY indestructible. It’s Rotomolded Thermoplastic, which makes it lasts.

Let’s explain more about how cold it can be. It’s been made with 2 inches of high-grade insulation. This also offers a cold-keeping freezer kind of style for you to check out.


Best Ice Chest


Generally, it’s able to keep your stuff cold for a long period. Lastly, we can’t end it in a cliffhanger, this has a 1-year manufacturer warranty to relieve you from your worries.

Since we all want to have freebies – we can’t deny that fact – you’re given 4 built-in cup holders. I know that it’s pretty cool, but the fun doesn’t stop there. There’s also an added molded tie-down slot to give you another boost.

It also solves drain with its EasyFlow drain plug. Finally, you can’t go wrong with its molded cable lock as well. Talk about getting a deal for a lifetime you can consider it is one of the best ice chest in the market!

The Best Ice Chest Today: What To Get? 11

Wrapping It Up

There you go guys – I hope you found this article useful. If you liked it, share it with your friends and family. If you have any questions, ask them down below! Just make sure to research more on the products before making a purchase.

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