Best glucometer

Best glucometer 1

Accu-Chek Active 100 Test Strips with 1 Code Chip

Small and compact
one softclix lancing device
CR 2032 battery
Micro USB port
Best glucometer 2
Best glucometer 3

OneTouch Select Test Strips 50 Ct. by Pretrada

Thinnest glucometer
Low-priced glucometers
CR 2032 battery
Low-cost test strips
Best glucometer 2
Best glucometer 5

Dr. Morepen Equipment - Dr. Morepen BG-03 Blood Glucose Test Strips

10 lancets
no coding technology
300 memories
accurate and ergonomic model
Best glucometer 2
Best glucometer 7

Accu-check test strip

large LCD display
Contour TS
Instant infrared data transfer
One-button navigation
Best glucometer 2

How to buy glucometer with good features?

In order to buy the best glucometer, you need to check if the glucometer has the following characteristics.

  • Backlight

This backlight would enable one to see clearly even during darkness.

  • Audio with the screen reading

The audio feature enables the hearing impaired to use the meter much effectively.

  • Memory Storage

It is always better to keep an account of the readings to have a better idea of the health condition of one’s body.

  • Surround conditions

The glucometer should be able to work properly despite the kind of environment. Though it is suggested to store the glucometer in a cool dry place, it shouldn’t impose other use restrictions.

  • Multiple readings

Apart from the carb level in the body, the meter should provide an insight of the ketone levels in the body too.

These are some of the features one needs to look before buying a glucometer.

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