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 GoWISE 22621Philips HD9230/26Black & Decker

Della Electric AirFryer
w/Temperature Control

Molla AirSmart Oil-Free
Dynamic Air Fryer

Touch ScreenYesYesNoNoNo
Warranty1 yr1 yr2 yrsN/AN/A
Love(Some points)Ease of use; smart design; bang for the buckCooking quality; simplicity of operationRequires no pre-heating and cooks fastDesign; capacity; costDesign; capacity; temperature range
Not so crazy about(Some points)Some have expressed
concerns about sturdiness
Bulkiness; cooking capacityFor some fresh foods it's more like a baker than a fryerSome foods take longer to fry than expectedBulkiness

Fried foods with no grease?  Can it be?

Fried foods are a staple of so many cuisines, so many diets.  Fried foods are a guilty pleasure we consume with rapture.  They delight the taste buds and are a mainstay of almost everybody’s list of favorite comfort foods.  Fried foods are crispy and rich and satisfying and….well, fried foods are a pain to prepare at home.




Well, at least they were.  Now, with the advent of best air fryers, it’s easy to whip up a batch of tempura or – come on, who are we kidding? – mouth-watering French fries in a clean, easy, and much healthier manner as they reduce the amount of cooking oil needed to fry by at least 80%.  Cleaning up afterward is also a breeze – most models offer detachable, dishwasher safe components that are durable and well-designed.

Most models of air fryers, from such household names as Philips and Black & Decker to less well known but high quality vendors such as Molla, GoWISE and Della share designs that enhance taste and simplify and quicken the frying process, all while using significantly less oil.   While no one we know is yet advocating the use of these convenient appliances to bolster a heart-healthy diet, reducing your consumption of cooking oil by as much as 80% (or even 100% in some circumstances) has got to be something your arteries will thank you for, right?

To aid you in your search for the best air fryer, the following comparisons between these models will hopefully help you select a model of air fryer that is as close as possible to perfect for your lifestyle and tastes.  Use these comparisons to help you pick and choose, and then head to our individual summaries of each model to give you more specifics about the product that we hope is right for you.

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In general…

What we love about these best air fryers:

These handy kitchen appliances significantly reduce the amount of oil needed to prepare great tasting staples such as French fries, chicken wings and fish in a short amount of time and with easy clean up.   There’s a wide range of selections that will suit most budgets, and many now incorporate technology, such as touch screens and timers that make the process nearly fool proof.

We’re not crazy about size limitations of most air fryers.  If cooking for a crowd, they may not always be as useful as they are for, say, dinner for two people.   Also, these choices are often not the best if frying with a wet batter.

As stated earlier, there are many best air fryers whether you to spend eighty dollars or several hundred.  Most, including the ones we review here, include standard features such as detachable baskets or pans. Here is a selection that should meet the needs of most home cooks.

For Your Consideration, Some Brief Reviews:



At the higher end of the price spectrum, this well-designed fryer is still an excellent value, just as you’d expect from Philips.  A 60-minute timer (most airfryers offer up to 30 minutes) with auto shut-off and a double -layer rack – which allows you to fry as many French fries! – are some of the key points that make this model an outstanding choice for those willing to pay more for their guilty pleasures.  Speed is another – this model fires amazingly fast. The touch screen is easy to use, though does not include built-in programs for specific foods.  Some consumers have expressed concerns about its lack of effectiveness for wet batter recipes.  As with other models in this group, the HD9230/26 comes with a 12-month warranty.






What would you expect from one of the leading names in hardware and tools?  Sensible design and superior durability, and Black & Decker satisfies any expectations with their excellent air fryer.  To speed the frying process, the HF100WD comes with dual convection fans.  It also has a 60-minute timer with a temperature range to 400 degrees.  Spacious 2-litre capacity, and a cool touch handle demonstrate the thought that went into its design.  Comes with a 2-year warranty, and at its price range this makes the HF100WD an even better deal. 1200W and a bit bulky, but for the price this is a very good buy.

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Our least expensive selection spares the bells and whistles but offers a great deal when it comes to home frying. Adjustable temperature control to 400 degrees and a 30-minute timer ensure precision cooking which is done with a very quick preheating capability.  Smart design includes a plastic protective cover for the food basket release button – a simple and wise innovation that makes the likelihood of dropping the basket holder. We’re not sure how often you may feel inclined to travel with your air fryer, but when the need arises the Della is equipped with a handle for carrying.   Not many negatives here, especially when you factor in the low price, but one common issue we’ve heard from consumers is that the amount of food you can fry at one time is a bit less than its competitors.



Molla’s dynamic air fryer is the only model of those reviewed that recommends frying with no oil (they specify “a little” can be used if desired).  It includes a hefty 3.2 liter Teflon pan, and its 1500W oven speeds up the frying process significantly.  Like other models, it includes a 30-minute timer, and smart innovation prevents the frying from starting if the basket is not properly secured in place.  Bulky size seems to be the most common consumer issue.

Our Recommended Model:



It’s rare that excellent design and superb performance combine near the low end of the budget spectrum, but that’s exactly what to expect with this truly stellar model.

This GoWISE 4th-generation air fryer is designed much like a traditional fryer, sans mess and cumbersome cleanup.  A touch screen with built-in smart programs takes so much of the guesswork out of the equation — so if you’re frying, say, chips or shrimp, simply press the corresponding button and voila!  Lightweight (12 lbs) and a bit smaller than most of the models tested, this appliance is well-designed to make your life easier and enhance the taste of home-fried dishes.  As with most models, the GW22621 offers easy clean up, rapid air circulation and easily removable parts.  Uses 1400W and comes with a one-year warranty.

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