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Best Speakers For Vinyl

Best Speakers For Vinyl 1

JBL Arena B15

soft dome tweeter
polycellulose woofer
flexible installation
Multi-Channel Systems
Best Speakers For Vinyl 2
Best Speakers For Vinyl 3

Polk Audio RTI A1

resonance-free enclosures
Power Port technology
Composite Dome Tweeter
low viscosity
Best Speakers For Vinyl 2
Best Speakers For Vinyl 5

Edifier R980T 4"

Adjustable Bass
Best Speakers For Vinyl 2
Best Speakers For Vinyl 7

Micca MB42

Silk Dome Tweeter
Carbon Fiber Woofer
Compact Classic Design
Low Distortion
Best Speakers For Vinyl 2
Best Speakers For Vinyl 9

PreSonus Eris E3.5 - 3.5"

Studio-quality industrial design
RF interference
Powerful Bass
Wooden Enclosure
Best Speakers For Vinyl 2

Despite the world approaching a fast and steady future, some aspects of the past are still valued among people. One of the things that the millennial and Gen Z generations love to exploit is vintage technology. Bringing back vintage technology undoubtedly means the rise of vinyl.

Vinyl was a popular medium for music back in the times- and it is on its way to popularity again. Maybe you’d like to get vinyl in your home to fulfill your vintage aesthetic needs. Maybe you’re just an old music geek and the vinyl is a perfect way to complete your collection. If you’re looking to buy a vinyl, one of the first things you should be doing is searching for a good vinyl sound system. Many such speakers have popped up in the market to help create a high-quality sound system to accompany your vinyl. A vinyl sound system is likely to give you a more authentic audio feel as opposed to the modern digital compression you see in MP3 players or phones.

With the best speakers for vinyl, you can bring your favorite soul and retro jams back into life and groove to them with all your heart!

Factors To Look For In Vinyl Speakers

When it comes to vinyl audio output- the fact is that it is not as clean or noiseless as modern audio. Owing to their development in the older times- where there was no vast sound technology available to compress noises and accent basses, vinyl audio can glitch or seem even unprofessional.

This is why it is important to choose the best speakers for vinyl that help refine the vinyl audio into high-quality sound. You can use the following factors to determine what makes the best speakers for vinyl:


Vinyl sound systems might seem old school- but don’t be fooled. Among the best speakers for vinyl, there are many alternates with a wired or wireless connection. You’ll find that many speakers use wireless technology along with a Bluetooth enabled wireless vinyl record player. In case you decide to purchase a wireless system, make sure that your vinyl player is wireless as well. Also, take note of the connectivity power. On the other hand, most wired systems typically use RCA cables to connect to the player. With a wired system, it is important to ensure that the wires fit, and are made of strong material to keep them from wearing off quickly. Make sure that you have a port to connect the wire to your audio input device.


Power in vinyl speaker systems refers to the wattage of power supplied to them as they operate. Most speakers differ based on active or passive systems dependant on this power wattage. An active speaker usually has its high power supply and does not need an external device to generate power to them. On the other hand, passive speakers- which have low power wattage- will require the assistance of an amplifier to generate power for their operation. The speaker style generally depends on the budget. Pricier models usually come as active systems, while cheaper models are passive, and need power to be sent to them.


Frequency response is a feature by which you can assess the sound range of a system. Typically, every sound has a high and low-end range to it. These are correspondingly known as “treble” and “bass”. While some speaker systems may be exclusively built to enhance bass (which means their sound is not as developed for a higher music range) others may be more compatible with treble-y sounds. Typically, a treble-enhancing sound system can’t replicate sounds below 70-80 Hz in the frequency range, while a bass boosting system is not as effective in higher frequency ranges. Some systems with subwoofers can expertly deal with both bass and treble sounds.

Thus, based on the music you listen to (i.e, whether your music has more low and rich tones or high and pitchy tones), you can choose a system that works well for the genre.


The best speakers for vinyl come with a price. That price can be high or low depending on the sound system. Usually, speakers with more notable features come pricier than your normal vinyl systems. However, if you’re on a budget the best speakers for vinyl can seem like a hard gamble. This is why we’ve included some of the most reasonably priced products to win the market that comes with great features. Check out the list below to find out more!


The following products are some of the best speakers for vinyl in the market.

The JBL Arena B15 is one of the best speaker systems in the market. It’s equipped with a well-established interior and exterior that allows for a wonderful sound system that works well for watching movies, listening to music, playing on your console, or playing old vinyl records. The JBL Arena B15 is a bookshelf/surround loudspeaker that produces room-filling and satisfactory sound.

best speakers for vinyl

  • The JBL Arena B15 features an HDI or High Definition Imaging waveguide technology. This feature takes guidance from its ancestral JBL M2 Master Reference Monitor to assess every sound wave with care. Additionally, the sound is supported by a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter that facilitates clean, noiseless, and strong highs.
  • What makes a good vinyl speaker better is a well-founded polycellulose woofer. It is to satisfy this goal that the JBL Arena B15 sports a 5.5 polycellulose woofer that produces room-filling sounds that is characteristic of all JBL products. So whether you’re using the speakers to watch TV, or listen to your favorite songs, every experience is enriched with high-quality sound.
  • JBL products are usually meant to have a negligible presence yet brilliant performance as you set them up in your room. This is exhibited by the JBL Arena B15 as well. This product is built to be wall mountable so that you can set it up as flexibly as you’d like.
  • The JBL Arena B15 exists both independently as well as a part of a system. You can configure your B15 device with an entire system of speakers from the JBL Arena Loudspeakers series. 2-floor standing speakers, 2 bookshelf speakers, 1 center channel speaker, and 1 subwoofer model collaborate to give you satisfying sound.
  • The speaker is made up of a contemporary cabinet shaped exterior. This progresses into an angled slide and top panels that give the speakers a stylish look. Additionally, the speaker’s shape also enables it to work as a bookshelf or a surround speaker in stereo systems.

Best Speakers For Vinyl 11

The Polk Audio RTI A1 is a relatively new launch within the sound systems in the market. So it is safe to say that you can expect many exciting upgrades and features from this product- and rightfully so! The Polk Audio is a Bookshelf speaker with surround sound. It features balanced cone drivers and 1-inch tweeters that will work together to create a magical sound with superior quality and bass. Additionally, this brand new speaker is designed with all the latest trends in mind- the result is a stylish, modern, and elegant sound system.

best speakers for vinyl

  • The Polk Audio RTI A1 speakers are a pair of specially designed bookshelf speakers that can be adjusted according to your home needs. These speakers are made to fit perfectly into your homey aesthetic without standing out too much. 
  • The speakers feature new and advanced technology so that you can get the best sound experience of your lifetime. The Polk Audio Speakers use an integrated Power Port technology. Power Port technology works to reduce any chuffing or port noise that might interrupt the flow of your sound.
  • The Polk Audio speakers are each individually supported by a polymer composite cone driver or a 5.25” dynamic balance mineral that helps in the more efficient functioning of the system and keeps it durable.
  • These speakers also stand out because of a featured 1-inch composite dome tweeter of silk/polymer. The dome tweeter is an important part of the sound system as it helps to put out a clean sound without any problems at the highs.
  • One neodymium magnet is also included in the model. The speakers further composed of a ferro-fluid cooling of low viscosity feature as well as a heat sink that works interactively to reduce the heat and prevent the device from potential damages. The heat sink is located at the back of the magnet.

Best Speakers For Vinyl 11

The R980T sound system is known for producing deep and meaningful sound. The speaker system uses an inbuilt bass reflex port to improve the bass’ tonal quality. This generally contributes to rich and satisfying sound output. Additionally, the Edifier is encased within a sleek wooden finish that looks gorgeous no matter where you fit it.

best speakers for vinyl

  • The Edifier R980T has a strong 24 Watts total power output. This speaker system, modeled after an active bookshelf design is not only flexible in its shape but also its power capacity. The 24W power output supports a flared bass reflex port to produce thick and strong sound.
  • The R980T sound system comes with well-equipped RCA and 3.5 mm cables along with speaker wire. The cables and wires are built to be especially thick and strong to increase the durability of the product. Moreover, the device uses a universal 110V-240V power supply to sponsor smoother functioning.
  • In the R980T, each speaker is developed with its very own 4-inch bass driver and 13 mm tweeter. These two parts work in combination and help produce well-rounded, room-filling, and satisfying sound. Furthermore, the speaker system can be molded into a bookshelf or stereo speaker model.
  • In terms of output and connection, these speakers are famous for their facility to connect to devices with a dual RCA output or a 3.4mm headphone output. You can connect your speakers to as many as two devices at the same time through their respective AUX cords. This way, you don’t need to spend any time on switching and re-plugging.
  • To make sure that your superior sound system experience lasts, the makers of EDIFER offer a 2-year warranty system. Every customer is guaranteed with high-quality sound and reliable customer care that tends to the problems and requirements of your system.
  • You can use the Master Volume and bass knobs to adjust the sound as you like.

Best Speakers For Vinyl 11

The Micca MB42 is a bookshelf speaker brand that is known for its ability to fit aesthetically into all spaces. What’s impressive in this speaker system is that it can fit into various settings owing to its classic appearance, and provide an amazing listening experience to anyone in the room. The MB42 layers every track with well-textured sound and smooth vocal clarity which you might not get with other systems while playing vinyl records.

best speakers for vinyl

  • The Micca MB42 is gifted with a 0.75” silk dome tweeter that is made to deliver high performance and superior quality sound. The tweeter is a significant part of the speaker system because of its properly integrated driver output. This result in the wide dispersion, smooth treble, and accurate imaging of the sound waves throughout the room.
  • A 4-inch carbon fiber woofer is included in the design to further advance the output. The carbon fiber is surrounded by rubber. This combination of rubber and carbon helps in enhancing transient effect. The MB42 is also characterized by ported enclosure tuning that outputs heavy bass.
  • If you’re looking for a speaker system that will fit easily into your home, rather than stick out like a sore thumb (as most systems tend to), the Micca MB42 is your best bet. The speakers are built with a design that is easy on the eyes, and yet sophisticated. The speakers are made of the classic rounded corners, and soft bevels so your speakers never go out of style.
  • The MB42 features some full-sized 5-way binding posts. A full-sized binding post implies that the speaker system not only excels in sound but also connectivity. The connectivity options provided in the MB42 are vast. You can connect about 2-3 devices to your speakers and import your favorite music!
  • Despite all the elusive brands of speakers available in the market, the MB42 is the most no-risk purchase you’ll ever come across. The makers of MB42 have extended an option wherein every customer is free to take the speaker home and free to return it if they wish to do so. This means that you can return the product for a refund if it seems unsatisfactory to you.

Best Speakers For Vinyl 11

The Presonus Eris audio systems are popular worldwide for their amazing sound quality and integrated audio dispersion technology. The Eris 3.5 delivers great sound quality while being just the right size to fit into both small and big spaces comfortably. It comes with front-panel volume control as well as its headphone amplifier so that you can listen to your audio however you like. The Eris 3.5 is perfect for watching movies, gaming, revisiting your vinyl records, and so on.

best speakers for vinyl

  • The PreSonus Eris 3.5 sound system is composed of a studio monitor that uses a low-frequency driver. The Eris system uses a 3.5-inch woofer that stimulates a constant dispersion pattern and spreads it over the frequency range of the device. In other words, this means that you get a clearer and less blemished sound.
  • A one-inch silk dome tweeter is also included in the system. This tweeter proves to be incredibly efficient as it can manage a wide dispersion area of sound along with creating an accurate and smooth sound. Thus, not only are you able to hear the same level of sound in all parts of your room, but you’ll also hear it in the same, superior quality.
  • The Eris 3.5 comes with three various types of audio inputs. This means that you can easily upload music from various sources into your Eris device and play your favorite songs.
  • The speaker system also features a rear panel, some ¼ inch TRC, and RCA inputs along with a front panel half-inch stereo. This means that there’s practically nothing standing in between your Eris and your phone.
  • The Eris E3.5 consists of speakers that are tested and known for their refined sound and tasteful accuracy. PreSonus itself stands as one of the most favored brands that help produce consistent and satisfying sound. Additionally, the small and compact design of your Eris makes it perfect for your home- whether you have a small or large space.
  • If you’re looking to further boost the performance of your Eris E3.5, you can combine it with PreSonus’ Temblor T8 active subwoofer. The subwoofer will help in producing a more fulfilling sound with that extra-deep edge.

Best Speakers For Vinyl 11

The best speakers of vinyl come in stylish exteriors and brilliant interiors that work together to recreate the magic of a vinyl sound texture. Not only do these sound systems work for vinyl, but many also cater to other audio inputs like your smartphone, or an MP3 machine. The best speakers for vinyl are an absolute must-have if you’re looking to experience the mystical vintage era. We hope you found a suitable companion in the list above, where we’ve included only the most top rated and highly reviewed products.

How to pick the right speakers for vinyl

One can listen to different types of music as it will also help you to analyze which music is challenging the speaker the most and how new designs can be implemented for fulfilling the challenges.

  • Classical music will represent different types of instrumentals with low and high challenging frequencies with natural voices and excellent range of dynamics. So these features are needed for enjoying music on vinyl.
  • Speakers for vinyl can easily play the music of electrical heavy guitars along with EDM and rock that can produce clear and crisp sound.
  • For fast lyrics and crisp one can add bass to the speakers that will need an extension of low frequency with accuracy in the frequency response.

Vinyl speakers are very strong so in order to enjoy every bit of the music, you will have to pick the genuine and best speakers for vinyl with the reasonable price range.


  • What vinyl speakers should I buy?

You can find the best vinyl speakers for purchase in our list, where we’ve compiled the most reputable vinyl speakers.

  • Why do I need vinyl speakers?

Vinyl speakers can help heighten the experience of vintage music. These speakers are specially designed to be compatible with vinyl record players, unlike normal speakers, and can further polish the vinyl sound into clean tones while retaining the vintage sound.

  • Are vinyl speakers Bluetooth?

Some wireless vinyl speakers make use of Bluetooth to connect to external devices. However, before purchasing a wireless vinyl speaker, make sure that your vinyl record player has a wireless Bluetooth feature as well.

  • Do vinyl speakers need an amplifier?

Speakers with a low power wattage (i.e, “passive” vinyl speakers), typically require an amplifier, while active vinyl speakers don’t.

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