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5 Best Rust Converter

5 Best Rust Converter 1

MRO Chem Black Star Rust Converter

Black Star Rust Converter
Rust Converter
Rust Remover
1 gallon
5 Best Rust Converter 2
5 Best Rust Converter 3

GEMPLER’S Eco-Friendly RCQ Rust Converter

5 Best Rust Converter 2
5 Best Rust Converter 5

Rust Converter ULTRA, Highly Effective Professional Grade Rust Repair

5 Best Rust Converter 2
5 Best Rust Converter 7

POR-15 45404 Rust converter

Water Based Rust Converter
Easy to Apply
5 Best Rust Converter 2
5 Best Rust Converter 9

Evapo-Rust, The Original Super Safe Rust Remover

Safe For Use
5 Best Rust Converter 2

Before we get started about the best rust converter for your iron equipment, let us first understand what a rust converter is.

Rust is a compound that forms on iron when it is exposed to moisture in the air or by any other means. Rust is very harmful for iron bodies and is a very big problem for those who operate heavy iron machinery for a living. This chemical may also be very useful for everyone who uses any kind of iron equipment to complete their household chores.

Rust has the capability to completely destroy by eating up the iron surface and hence it is always best to have a rust converter at hand.

How does a rust converter help in preventing rust?

A rust converter contains certain chemicals that react with rust and form a black layer on the iron surface that make it even more resistant to water or any other moisture. They are sometimes referred to as “rust remover” and “rust killer” as well.

If you too like many are looking for the best rust converter then this is the perfect place for you. Read on to find out how a rust converter can help you to increase the longevity of your iron equipment.

Before we get started with our recommendations on the best rust converter for you, let us first look at few factors you should look for in the best rust converter:

Factors to look for:

  • Type of rust remover: There are broadly two types of rust removers namely: Soaking rust removers and spraying rust removers. Soaking rust removers will require you to soak the iron equipment in the solution. This is perfect for smaller iron equipment like nuts and bolts but may be inconvenient for larger machinery. Hence, this type of rust remover is the best for small to medium sized iron equipment. On the other hand, spray rust removers are way handier and incredibly useful for iron surfaces with larger circumferences. However, these are usually a bit more expensive than the former type of rust removers and also come in smaller quantities which may be a problem for some people.
  • Safety: Rust converters are barely dangerous. However, at the end of the day, they are indeed made up of chemicals and should be handled with care. Before purchasing any rust converter, make sure you know about its ingredients. It is always good to use a mask and gloves while using a rust converter just to be safe. 
  • Price: Rust converters are usually not expensive and are usually available in an affordable price range. However, there are some brands which claim to be the best in quality and hence charge a fortune for their products. It is to be always remembered that the best rust converter isn’t always the most expensive. The best brands are creating the best products and trying to make their product affordable for everyone. Make sure you assess all your options before you invest a lot of money in any product.
  • Quantity: This again is a major factor you should consider before you invest a lot of money in rust converters. If you are someone who regularly operates iron equipment then it is better to buy rust converters in bulk quantity as in the long term, this would be cost effective. However, if you have very limited use of rust converters, then you may purchase in limited quantities.

Here are our top 5 recommendations for the best rust converter you can purchase for yourself. Read on to find out why these are the best choices in the market.

This is indeed one of the best products in the market and the various positive reviews only prove that this is true. There are very few rust converters that can match this product in many aspects like affordability and functionality. Read on to find out why this may be the best rust converter for you.

best rust converter


  • No scraping needed: Many rust converters require you to scrape off most of the rust before applying the rust converter. However, this product doesn’t require you to do that. Just scrape of the excess rust and apply the product. 
  • Converts the rust into resin: This rust converter converts the rust into resin. This resin that is formed as a result of the chemical bonding is moisture resistant and greatly helps in preventing any kind of rust to affect your machinery in the future.
  • Can be applied everywhere: This rust converter can be applied anywhere and on almost any surfaces. This means that it can be applied on a wide range of surfaces from iron railings to lawn equipment. For anything that rusts, this rust converter can easily be used.
  • Also acts as a paint primer: Very few rust converters act as a paint primer. This rust converter doesn’t only convert rust into a water resistant cover, but also acts as an excellent primer for paint. After this rust converter has finished its work, you can easily apply the paint of your choice without having to invest in a primer separately. This doesn’t come in way of the quality of the colour. In fact it enhances and brightens it.

5 Best Rust Converter 11

This is another top notch product that had to make it to our list of top 5 rust converters. This rust converter indeed stands up to all its claims and is widely appreciated by various users al across various online platforms. Here’s why this is the best rust converter you can lay your hands on.

best rust converter


  • Forms a protective black layer: This is a rust converter reacts well with rust and forms a great protective layer that prevents the formation of more rust. This thick layer is moisture and dust resistant layer that increases the longevity of your equipment.
  • Converts to a primer within 48 hours: Once you have applied the rust converter, it will convert the rust into a protective layer. Thereafter, if you want to paint on the surface, you do not have to apply a primer separately. Just wait for 48 hrs after you apply this rust converter and you can easily paint on it.
  • Smooth application: 1 Gallon can cover up to 500 sq.ft of smooth surface. You do not need to dilute the concentration. All you have to do is just shake the can well before application. 
  • No sandblasting is required: You do not need to sandblast and scrape the surfaces before you apply the rust converter. Just apply and watch the magic happen.
  • Non-flammable formula: This is a safe and non-inflammable formula and is very safe to use.
  • Water based formula: Since this is a water based formula, it is easy to clean off and is not messy.

5 Best Rust Converter 11

As the name suggests, this rust converter is indeed ultra-effective in keeping the rust at bay. Read on to find out why this may be the best rust converter for yourself.

best rust converter


  • Forms a thick, resistant layer: This rust converter converts rust into a water and dust resistant layer that protects your iron equipment from decomposing due to rust.
  • Cost effective: with this rust converter, you can save on a lot of expenses on sandblasting and scraping.
  • Great coverage: One gallon of product can cover 500 square feet of area. This means that even a little product can last you a long time.
  • Protects in all weather: This rust converter forms a resistant layer that protects in all seasons and makes sure your equipment and machinery is in good condition all year long.
  • Multiuse: This rust converter is multi use and can be easily used to protect any equipment from rust. Whether it be your automobile or lawn equipment, this rust converter will protect all your iron surfaces from rust.
  • 30 day guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the product, you will be reimbursed by the company.

5 Best Rust Converter 11

ere’s why using this rust converter will also result in you contributing to the environment.

best rust converter


  • Biodegradable: This rust converter is biodegradable and hence won’t harm you or the environment.
  • Water based: This rust converter has a non-messy water based formula that makes it very easy to use.
  • Requires no special equipment to apply: Since this product is biodegradable, non-toxic and safe on skin, you can apply this product without having to use any special equipment.
  • Can be applied on steel surfaces as well: Along with applying it on iron surfaces, you can also apply it to de-rust steel surfaces.

5 Best Rust Converter 11

Are you looking for a rust converter that is affordable and gets the job done easily? Then this is he product for you. Read on to find out more about this product.

best rust converter


  • Seals rust efficiently: This rust converter seals and protects from rust for a long time and hence enhances the functioning of all your metal equipment.
  • Lead free: We all know lead can be so harmful for our health. This product is lead free and is hence safe to use.
  • No sandblasting required: You do not have to scrape or sandblast the metal surfaces before applying this product and thus saves on a lot of time.

5 Best Rust Converter 11

Having a good rust converter by your side is always a god thing. Not only is it useful for professionals who work in a field where they need to operate with heavy iron machinery but it is also useful for non-professional people who want to take care of the iron items in their household. Rust greatly affects the longevity of iron and spreads like wildfire. It should be stopped at the right time by using a rust converter so that it doesn’t do much damage. At the end of the day, iron is bound to be affected by rust eventually thanks to its exposure to the moisture in the air. 

Hence it is always recommended that you keep your iron items in a clean and dry place that protects it from any kind of moisture. A rust converter is one of the most important components of your maintenance kit for your iron items and hence you should make sure that you indeed purchase a quality rust converter for yourself. The best rust converter may be difficult to find but this list of the top 5 rust converters will help you a great deal in your search.

Before we end this article, let us learn about few of the most commonly asked questions about rust converters for your better clarity.

Tips to find the best rust converter for your old metallic tools

Rust converters act as bliss for the old metallic tools and devices, but a bad one can be of no use. One should select it carefully and here are some of the features you can look for in a good rust converter

  • The first advantage of having the best rust converter is that it should be easy to apply. The application can be done easily using a brush or by just spraying it. It is recommended to wear safety gear while applying it.
  • The second thing that should be there in a good rust converter is that it should cover a large area with the amount that is present in one bottle.
  • Next feature that a good rust converter should have in it is that it should be able to dry quickly and should be able to cure the rust area quickly.

A good rust converter is very necessary for curing old metallic tools and therefore one should look for these while buying one.

Frequently asked questions:

  • On which surfaces can I use a rust converter?

You can use the rust converter on any iron surface like staircase railings, gardening equipment, fences and gates and even on vehicles. Using a rust converter won’t affect it’s functionality at all. Hence, you can easily use a rust converter on any iron surface without worry. Sometimes, rust converters work on other metal surfaces as well, however, it is better to avoid this as rust converters are specifically chemically engineered for iron surfaces only. You may use a rust converter on stainless steel surfaces as well, but do check if it is advisable by reading the instructions provided.

  • How do I prepare the surface before applying the rust converter?

As we know, rust converters chemically bond with the rust and seal the surface and help prevent further damage. However, it is always recommended that you remove excess rust from the surface in order for the rust converter to do its job quickly and more effectively. Hence, before applying a rust converter, make sure you clean off the excess rust with sand paper or some tool that can scrape off rust. You don’t have to remove the entire rust by scraping it off, just the excess rust. Once you have cleaned the surface, you can easily apply the rust converter.

  • Should I dilute the rust converter for easier use?

No, rust converters are usually prepared in such a way that provide easy coverage even without having to dilute the liquid. Diluting the rust converter will impact its concentration which in turn may impact the results. In order to have maximum satisfaction, make sure you shake the container well before use. Doing this would be enough.

  • What to do after applying the rust converter?

Usually, applying the rust converter will be enough for all the protection your equipment needs. However, you may choose to paint it over with another layer of oil based primer to further increase the longevity of your equipment. Wait for the rust converter to finish its job and dry off completely and then you can apply the primer.

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