A Brief Description of Foot Massages and Foot Massager

Taking care of skin, hair, health is always on prior list. But forgetting about feet is neglecting act. Everyone should include a foot care therapy in their regular schedule. Feet carry our body’s entire weight so it should be well maintained. Foot massage is a great way to value your feet.

foot massager

Foot massage is classified into various parts depending on choice and requirements.

Types of foot massages:

  • Swedish foot massage
  • Reflexology foot massage
  • Deep tissue foot massage
  • Thai foot massage
  • Sports foot massage
  • Neuromuscular therapy foot massage

This kind of foot massages involves many techniques like kneading, tapping, forceful stroke, thumb pressure etc. by using those techniques professional helps to rejuvenate our entire body.

But it is impossible to go for everyday therapy by professional. Foot massagers are able to give same satisfaction like professionals at our home. No one needs to spend money every week or month for foot massage. Anyone can buy foot massager at home either online or from store. But choosing the right foot massager is difficult.

Types of foot massagers:

Depending upon the techniques using by professional, scientist designed foot massagers. They can be categories in different ways.

foot massager

  • Energy consumption:

On the basis of how their energy is stored and used, foot massagers divide into two types.

  • Battery foot massager:

These types of foot massagers works on battery.

  • Electric foot massager:

It doesn’t have any storage for energy. It works on direct plug in.

  • Natural foot massager:

This foot massagers don’t combine techniques rather it is programmed only one or two technique. Foot roller is a natural product.

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So when you buy your foot massager focuses on its working process and also voltage capacity. There are some products on markets that consume less electricity. Buying then will control the monthly budget.

  • Techniques:

Classification of foot massagers is mainly depending on techniques. They are

  • Foot massager roller:

This massager involves the technique of acupressure and kneading.

  • Shiatsu with switchable mode:

It includes three massage programs with high and low intensity mode. This may includes infrared therapy.

  • Speed foot massager:

It increases the blood flow in body.

  • Boll bearing foot massager:

Mostly they are portable and small in size. Mainly works on muscles

  • Vibrating foot massager:

Depending on acupressure and reflexology technique it is specially designed for soft tissues or muscles for chronic pain.

  • Foot calf leg massager:

This is multipurpose massager. This 3600 treatment involves mostly all natural techniques and provides you full comfort.

  • Air compressor leg massager:

This is an easy use technique. Just wrap your leg, set timer and leave it for its work. It helps to relief from pain in the region of feet, calf, leg and knee.

Conditions of needing a foot massager:

Feet massagers will help in releasing toxins, relief pains, improves blood circulation, enhance skin quality, reduces anxiety and depression etc. They are also recommended by doctors for treating arthritis, gout, bunions, plantar fasciitis, sore feet etc.

So before buying any foot massager you must consult your doctor first and then according your purpose of use decide techniques that might be useful to you.